National Day | Promoted Diane Dufresne to the rank of Giant

To mark her exceptional career throughout Francophonie, the Mouvement national des Québécois has just included singer Diane Dufresne in its list of “giants” who have shaped Quebec, giving her on Thursday, just before the celebrations of Saint John the Baptist, the arts and crafts prize was awarded.

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Simon Chabot

Simon Chabot
The press

The outstanding personality of Quebec singing received his award from the hands of the artist Armand Vaillancourt, who modeled the work created for the occasion. Catherine Major, Lulu Hugues and Pascale Montpetit also paid tribute to him at the Théâtre Plaza in Montreal, where the celebrations of the 188thand National Day edition.

Diane Dufresne attended many Saint Jean celebrations during her successful career, most notably in 1977 at the Olympic Stadium alongside a certain Félix Leclerc. In 2020 she also took part in the show All of Quebec in unison, presented on television in full detention. The 77-year-old singer has never hesitated to show her attachment to Quebec, including in France, where she has always sung “in Quebec”. On June 24, 1980, she took the stage at the Palace in Paris wearing a dress with a bare bodice and a lily on the left breast. “I wore a lily on my breasts because I wanted to wear it as close to my heart as possible,” she said at the time.

With this award, Diane Dufresne joins a select club of notable artists that include Gilles Vigneault, Paul Piché, Les Cowboys Fringants, Ginette Reno, Robert Charlebois, Judi Richards and Yvon Deschamps.

This year, Marc Labrèche is the speaker of the Saint-Jean celebrations, held on the theme “The language of a thousand accents”. “In June we will finally see each other again after a two-year absence,” Thérèse David, president of the Mouvement national des Québécois, said in a press release. The desire to explore our regions has returned, to tell stories, to chat and celebrate ours to speak supposed. More than 600 festivals offer a program for every taste in 2022. »

Details of the program for the celebrations on June 23rd and 24th will be announced progressively by June 2nd. On Thursday, organizers announced that Pépé with his guitar and Marco Calliari will play the first part of the show on June 23 in Quebec, which will finally return to the Plains of Abraham.

Parliament in blue

In addition, a multimedia show will be shown on the facade of the Parliament building in Quebec City from June 18th to 22nd and 24th for National Day. The show BLUE: Quebec under the stars, designed by the company TKNL, will offer a canoe trip through the history of Quebec and will present “its culture, its territory, the people who shaped and shaped it,” the government announced on Thursday. More than 10,000 people can attend the 20-minute show, narrated by France Castel, for free.

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