Jagmeet Singh harassed on the street: Peterborough Police are launching an investigation

Peterborough Police said in a video shared on social media on Thursday that they had received a complaint and were launching an investigation into the incident. incident Meanwhile, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was repeatedly harassed and insulted by protesters.

The video for this episode – which comes as Ontario’s election campaign heats up – was originally posted on TikTok before going viral on Wednesday. It was accompanied by keywords like #Freedomthroughunity or #takecanadaback.

The images show protesters attacking Jagmeet Singh as he exits a polling station, follows him to his car, gives him the middle finger and swears at him with scatological abuse.

Actions inadmissible

Acting Peterborough Police Chief Tim Farquharson called the scene a discouraging and from morally unacceptable.

That Actions asked on Tuesday and value systems who motivated them reprehensible, inadmissible and could even be regarded as criminalAccording to him.

For his part, Jagmeet Singh says he had one of the most disturbing experiences of his political career. But most of all, he worries what that means for politics in generalhe said at a press conference on Thursday.

People who want to take part in the public debate might say to themselves that politics is basically not for them. »

A quote from Jagmeet Singh, Chairman of the NDP

Tuesday’s incident was widely denounced on social media, not only by the school principal involved, but also by representatives of competing political parties, such as Conservative leadership candidates Jean Charest and Scott Aitchison.

This vitriol is corrosive to our politics and bad for the country, the Parry Sound-Muskoka MP tweeted on Wednesday. Bullying politics has no place in Canada. Our leaders must work together to heal these divisions and not fan the flames that continue to divide us.

This is not the first time Jagmeet Singh has been harassed in the street. Two years ago, he was stalked by an individual on Parliament Hill in an attempt to obtain a “citizen arrest.”

Similarly, Radio Canada journalist Daniel Thibeault was approached by this conspiracy theorist who mistook him for a Bloc member.

These two incidents eventually prompted the Parliamentary Protection Service to increase its presence and visibility.

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