Is Johnny Depp in a relationship with one of his lawyers?

The defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is a source of incredible rumours. And lawyers on both sides sometimes take center stage. A few days ago, for example, Internet users wondered whether Elaine BredehöftOne of Amber Heard’s lawyers wasn’t a fan of Johnny Depp. The reason ? In footage from 2013 when the actor was in London for the premiere of his film Lone Ranger, in the crowd of fans we can see a woman who closely resembles the lawyer. A rumor so absurd that it hasn’t even been denied.

Does Johnny Depp have a crush on his lawyer?

Today it’s another rumor about a different lawyer, this time working for Johnny Depp, that caused a stir social networks. fans of the former star Pirates of the Caribbean actually hinted that something was going on between him and the so-called Camille Vasquez. Understand that their relationship would not be purely professional.

What is this theory based on? To their complicity. Exchanging looks and smiles, small gestures, physical interactions… Fans of Johnny find them very (too) comfortable with each other. They noticed that they tended to touch and touch each other a little too intimately. On TikTok, fans upload videos to prove it… and start daydreaming about a species happy end for both : “Anyone else think JD and Camille would be so cute together after the trial?” asks a freight forwarder.

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Is Johnny Depp in a relationship?

But what is it really? A priori, Johnny Depp, 58, is single. In 2020, he was credited with a relationship with Sophie Hermann, a German socialite but pursuing a career in the UK. Without evidence. Since then RAS. Camille Vasquez, 37, is in a relationship with a Brit who works in real estate, according to TMZ. They have been together for several months and are very happy, thank you very much.


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