Hotel keys and badges can soon be stored on your smartphone with Google Wallet

Like Apple, Google wants you to be able to move around without taking your wallet with you, as everything is stored digitally on your smartphone. During the annual I/O conference, the Mountain View company formalized a new application for Android called Google Wallet.

While the Google Pay app focuses on payments, Google Wallet is used to digitally store all the items you normally have in your wallet.

“The Google Pay app will be a complementary app to the wallet”said Arnold Goldberg, vice president and general manager of payments at Google, quoted by TechCrunch. “Check [l’application Google Pay] like this higher-end app that lets you make payments and manage money, while the wallet (Google Wallet) is really that container where you store your cash and your non-cash. »

Android gets a real digital wallet

The company would have decided to continue this project after the health crisis, during which 10 years of changes were observed in just 2 years in terms of digital transformation.

According to Sameer Samat, Vice President of Product Management, Android and Google Play, the new Google Wallet app “Standardizes storage and access to these critical items, as well as items such as payment cards, transit and event tickets, boarding and loyalty cards, and credit cards. ‘University student. »

In the US, even the driver’s license will be in the wallet

It also announces that Google Wallet will soon store hotel keys as well as employee ID cards. In the USA, it should even be possible to store identity documents such as a driver’s license digitally in the app. Google will work with American states on this.

In addition, Google Wallet will not only digitally store cards, tickets, badges, etc. In fact, the company also wants to offer an integration of Wallet with its other services. And that should pave the way for additional features.

For example, if the user adds a transit card to Wallet, the card and credit may appear on Google Maps when searching for directions. And it’s easy to add a plan when the balance on that card is already low.

Similar features are already available for iOS

Note that by introducing Google Wallet, Google is only catching up with its operating system compared to iOS. In fact, in recent years, Apple has multiplied its efforts to allow iPhone users to have everything in their devices. In March, Apple announced in the United States the ability to store a digital version of driver’s licenses and state IDs on iPhone for Arizona residents. Other states such as Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio and Puerto Rico are also interested.

In addition, Apple already allows its users to store hotel keys in the iPhone. At the end of 2021, the Hyatt hotel chain announced support for this iOS feature in some of its US properties.

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