COVID-19: Dubé and Blais will continue to wear the mask

Ministers Christian Dubé and Marguerite Blais will continue to wear the mask in public places from Saturday, when it will no longer be mandatory.

Both argue that wearing face coverings after May 14 will become a personal choice.

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“As a senior myself, going into public places is my choice and I will wear the mask,” said Marguerite Blais, minister in charge of seniors and close loved ones aged 71.

She will therefore continue to wear the mouth and nose cover in the grocery store, for example.

“It’s a way to protect myself more. So far I’m lucky enough to knock on wood that I haven’t had COVID-19. But I think it’s important to protect both myself and, if I ever get infected one day, to protect others,” she explains.

The minister is sticking to the advice of the Health Service on recommendations for all seniors.

“I think it is important that the mask is still relevant in CHSLDs. We know these are our most vulnerable people. These are care settings in our CHSLDs, I think it’s quite normal there,” says Minister Blais.

His colleague at Health, Christian Dubé, will also wear it occasionally.

“Minister Christian Dubé has already said that he intends to continue wearing the mask for some time after it is no longer mandatory, always according to the different situations, underlines his cabinet. As with everyone else, there will be a lifestyle shift in Quebec towards mask removal. However, let’s not forget that this is a personal choice and that we must all respect the choices of others.

In February 2021, Minister Dubé surprised observers by wearing two masks on top of each other. He had stated that he wanted to be extra careful about the time to get his first vaccine.

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