Chrishell Stause is responding to negative comments about her relationship with G Flip and her desire to have children

After the release of the trailer for the new music video for G flip on her Instagram page where she is the star, Chrishell Stause received several negative comments about his relationship and the way children are made.

In fact, the American reality TV star shared during the meeting Sell ​​sunset, her desire to have children. Now that she’s in a romantic relationship with non-binary artist G Flip, several netizens have taken the right to step in and tell her that G Flip won’t be able to have children.

Sorry everyone, I was confused. I thought that’s how babies were made.”

So that we understand each other: HollywoodPQ does not condone cyberbullying in any way. Also, as Stause mentioned, it is possible for a woman to adopt a child alone or in pairs.

Here are some of the comments Stause received: That’s not how you make children! ‘ started one user.

I give this relationship six months. Maybe a year. sorry darling someone else commented.

Midlife Crisis “Added another subscriber.

The author, comedian and real estate agent wrote on her Instagram post: ” Sorry everyone, I was confused. I thought that’s how babies were made. Back to the drawing board! “.

Then, after the comments heated up, Chrishell Stause responded again in the comments. ” To those offended by this video, I invite you to take a deep breath and join me on Amazon Live at 10am PST. We’ll have a funny chat about dresses, lipstick, etc. I can do both and I’m still the same person. Change is fun. I hope you will come! ‘ she commented kindly.

Let’s remember that it was during the meeting of Sell ​​sunset that Chrishell Stause has confided in a relationship with G Flip!

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with someone who is very important to me. His name is G Flip. He/she is non-binary ‘ the reality TV star began.

The two were seen walking The Abbey of WeHopartying for four hours until two in the morning.

On how they met, Chrishell said: ” It started because I just wanted to be in her video. And it’s about this messy love affair. Coming from soap operas, I love acting. And with the work we have, I don’t always make it [jouer]. At first I naturally thought “yeah, let’s do this” “.

Finally, for anyone who isn’t offended by two people in love, here’s the full clip of G Flip, get me out of here.


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