Shane Wright’s Kingston coach sees him (already) in the Hall of Fame

The Canadian won the draft lottery on Tuesday night and he will speak first next July 7th at the Bell Centre. And he will pick Shane Wright. He has no choice.

Forget trade or surprise pick scenarios. It won’t arrive.

The real question is whether Shane Wright will jump straight into the NHL in October or whether he has to play another season in the OHL. memory : He will not be able to play in the American League due to his age and the fact that he has played in one of the circuits Junior Canadian during his selection year.

I said it yesterday: I am convinced that he will start the season with the Canadians… and spend the whole year there. Owen Power (in Buffalo this season) is the only first overall pick in the last 15 not to spend most of his season post-draft with his new NHL team. He returned to the NCAA for one final campaign. Honestly, I don’t see how Wright would benefit from playing another season in OHL…

And Luca Caputi, Wright’s head coach at Kingston, think the same.

“He’s ready to play in the NHL this fall. It’s pure talent […] They’re the kind of players who always make their teammates look good on a hockey rink. – Luca Caputi, current coach of Shane Wright

So far, so good…

After praising the game’s vision, throw and ability to single-handedly change the look of his middle player, Caputi went even further. In an interview with Louis Butcher of the Journal de Montréal, he linked Wright to Patrice Bergevon … before discussing a potential Hall of Fame spot for Wright.

“I don’t want to be chauvinistic, but Shane is the first choice […] He has all the qualities to not only succeed in his career in the NHL, but to become an all-star player who will one day have his place in the Hall of Fame. – Luca Caputo

Let me summarize again: Coach of an 18-year-old junior player has publicly mentioned that he has what it takes to become an All-Star player inducted into the Hall of Fame after his incredible career ends.

It would be premature to talk about Hall of Famers and Nick Suzuki in one sentence… and Suzuki is already Canada’s No. 1 center (and he’s set to make nearly $8 million next season). So imagine the case of Shane Wright…

Luca Caputi should have kept one small ENORMOUSLY ashamed.

People in the hockey community often blame the media for boasting too much about young hockey players and exaggerating them forecasts/forecasts, resulting in raising fan expectations and putting unnecessary pressure on the shoulders of young men aged 17, 18 or 19. But there’s someone in the middle who just made it to the power of 10!

that child hasn’t even played a single game (prep!!!) in the NHL and his youth coach already sees him in the NHL Hall of Fame. You can’t make that up!

I understand that Caputi had no bad intentions in throwing such compliments to his captain, but there are limits.

It should be noted that Shane Wright’s current CEO also had good words about him … while avoiding crossing the line he had Coach not seen/respectedhim. Above all, he praised the complete game and the intelligence of his special attacker.

The Kingston Frontenacs are lagging behind 1 – 2 in her series four out of seven against the North Bay Battalion. They’re going to play their #4 game tonight in Kingston. Will Shane Wright be able to help his people tie this series?


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