Pleas in the trial of the Halloween killer: A psychosis disappeared in no time

“Do you want to believe that Carl Girouard, who was obsessed with his mission for six years, will emerge from his psychosis in an instant, never to think about it again, and without medication?”

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With this question, put to the 11 jurors, the Crown Prosecutor, François Godin, asked them to reject the defense’s thesis. Earlier this morning, Carl Girouard’s lawyer tried to convince the jury one last time that the Halloween bomber was not criminally responsible for the two murders and five attempted murders committed on October 31, 2020 due to mental disorders.

According to psychiatrist Gilles Chamberland, defense expert, Carl Girouard, an undiagnosed schizophrenic, was in a complete psychosis on the eve of his grueling journey. However, the evidence showed that the defendant’s psychotic symptoms disappeared midway through his mission to kill people and never reappeared thereafter.

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“Schizophrenia is a disease that can be treated, it cannot be cured,” the prosecutor said. Apart from the fact that the 26-year-old was not given any antipsychotic medication for the first five months after his arrest. “We explain it like this healing, which I would call a miracle?” argued Mand godin

The prosecutor apparently asked the jury to accept the theory of his experienced psychiatrist, Dr.right Sylvain Faucher who believes that Carl Girouard is a narcissistic individual who had the fantasy of committing a gesture of brilliance to take revenge on a society he disliked and widen his difference.

Which of the psychiatrists has a better explanation for the disappearance of delirium in no time, asked Mand godin The prosecutor “admonished” the jury that, given the “strong opinions” of the Dright Chamberland by pointing out that psychiatry is an imprecise science.

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For his part, the defense attorney tried to take on the Crown expert, whose conclusions were “biased”, he said. According to Mand Gagnon, the Dright Faucher was “representative” when he testified.

“He had to have an answer for everything,” said the lawyer. According to him, the Dright Faucher is “a character” on “Mission” or in the “duel with the lawyer”. Mand Gagnon specifically mentioned the fact that the Dright Faucher had himself suggested the expertise of neuropsychologist William Pothier and had his conclusions in hand when he in turn met the defendants.

“That can only lead to bias,” the lawyer suggested, recalling that the neuropsychologist had concluded that there was no psychotic element in Girouard’s way of thinking.

The hypothesis put forward by the expert Kammerland, according to which the accused was in a full psychotic delirium at the time of the crime, should therefore be avoided from the point of view of the defense. “When the delirium was strong enough, powerful, the events of October 31, 2020 materialized,” pleaded the lawyer.

Now that the lawyers have presented their arguments, it is the judge’s turn to deliver his orders on Thursday and Monday, after which the jury will be seized pending a unanimous verdict.

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