Outdoor youth parties: chaos is back in Val-Bélair

After suffering the excesses of several hundred teenagers last summer, merchants and citizens of Val-Bélair are already facing the return of mass gatherings outdoors.

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Last year, the parties had stopped by early October. With the return of good weather, the partying quickly resumed as young people still meet outside on weekend evenings.

“There are solutions to ensure that the events of last year do not repeat themselves. We’ll do everything we can to avoid slip-ups. I don’t want to spend five months with these kinds of problems. I’ll ask for a report every weekend,” said Bianca Dussault, councilor for the Val-Bélair district and also a mother of four teenagers.

Two places are very popular with teenagers, near the Arena Deux Glaces and the L’Odyssée school, under the Hydro-Québec lines, and in the Parc de Montchâtel sector, at the end of rue Duhamel, in the La Haute -Saint-Charles district . The invitation is circulating at breakneck speed on social networks. Young people flock from everywhere.

police presence

“It’s been two weekends,” said only one trader, who didn’t want to identify herself to avoid threats.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) announced a major operation on Friday evening. For the next two days, the mercury was able to happily warm up to the 30°C mark.

The teenagers want to have fun, but the neighbors want peace and quiet.

“I like to sleep sometimes. Everything has to stop,” demanded one citizen last fall. Unfortunately nothing has changed there.

Several complaints were made in connection with the meetings held over the weekend of May 7th and 8th. Many crimes were also committed. Among other things, mischief, assault and drunk driving were reported. Last year, a gym owner was attacked near his place.

“We will be massive and clearly visible with a zero-tolerance policy,” said Marie-Pier Rivard, spokeswoman for the SPVQ.

Last year the season ended with a major police operation, but the police chose a non-repressive attitude towards young people. The policy at the time was to avoid confrontation, and pockets were not searched.

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The role of parents

This time, police say they retain the ability to end any gathering if the situation poses a risk to public safety. However, when the party is in full swing and hundreds of youngsters are at times impaired, the end of the break can be difficult to achieve.

After drinking, cleaning work in the area is often necessary.

In its Strategy 2022, the SPVQ asked the various schools for help, which sent parents a letter to make them aware of the risks their children are exposed to.

2021, The newspaper noticed that many parents drive their children to the outdoor party themselves.

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