Fortnite Update Today and V20.30 Patch Release Notes (May 10th)

Today’s News fourteen days The update is being rolled out and brings significant content changes for all platforms.

Not only will fans notice the return of various items and weapons, but Epic Games have also made some competitive changes.

The full patch notes have been shared across the official Fortnite channels, providing the latest information on this week’s changes.

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Fortnite | Ch3S2 Series Masters | Hype trailer





Fortnite patch notes for May 10th

As Epic Games revealed, today’s Fortnite update brings some interesting content changes to the Hunting Rifle game. Other arrivals have been confirmed in the official patch notes, including the return of the Air Strike item.

Epic Games hasn’t shared where these items will drop, but fans can expect to find most of them in chests and scattered around the map. Other weapons are making a return this week, but they can only be used on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, Mobile, and Nintendo Switch for a limited time.

This includes the Flint Knock pistol, which can be found on the Fortnite map through May 17th. This is the date she returns to the Vault with no time limit on her return. The full patch notes have been shared by Epic Games for today’s Fortnite update, with all the details below:

Fortnite patch notes for today’s patch


Request reinforcements! that air raid was not skipped – launch an airstrike to rain down missiles on the landing zone. Airstrikes can be found in chests, supply drops, and on the ground.


Style them with freshly vaulted Trickshot items. From now until May 17, 2022, 8:59 am ET, fly the skies on the flintlock pistol and aim that hunting rifle. These classic items can be found in chests, supply drops, and on the ground. Also, during this time, the drop rates of consumables like the High-Flying Shockwave Grenade will be increased!


Inflate for more security. Fundraising stations are preparing to accept donations to produce both bubble shield or balloons!

Both options provide some form of protection. Launch a shield bubble to create a temporary dome invulnerable to explosives and projectiles (including airstrike missiles). On the other hand, tie balloons to yourself to become more airy and agile.

Before either of these protective items are removed from the vault, you’ll have a chance to try both out in the wild. Find Bubbles and Shield Balloons scattered across the island from Friday, May 13th at 9:00am ET through Monday, May 16th at 11:59pm ET. Shortly after this trial period ends, you will be able to vote for your favorite choices by contributing bars to fundraising stations. The first element that reaches 100% funded will quickly enter the loot pool!


  • Air Strike, Trickshot Unvaults, and Trickshot Drop Rate Changes are not included in competitive playlists.
  • The trial period for Shield Bubbles/Balloons does not take place in competitive playlists.

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