Cities will be given a redemption priority in their territories, Legault promises

François Legault promises to give more powers to all municipalities by the end of Parliament’s session, giving them the right of first refusal, a privilege currently only enjoyed by Montreal.

At least, that’s the intention the prime minister shared with the mayors gathered at the 2022 Union of Municipalities of Quebec (UMQ) meeting.

This is one of the demands formulated by the UMQ in its municipal declaration on housing presented last February, which aims to improve the supply of available housing.

In early March, Gaspé member and PQ spokeswoman for housing, Méganne Perry Mélançon, announced her intention to introduce a bill to that effect.

Mr Legault has also pledged to pass a law on eminent domain in a future mandate to reduce delays in a municipality buying back a property.

area development

The topics of densification and urban sprawl are an important part of the discussions between the elected community representatives, who are celebrating their 100th birthdayand Annual conference of the UMQ, the first face-to-face event since 2019.

Elected local officials are eagerly awaiting the submission of a new land use policy.

“It’s important, yes, to densify our cities, to limit urban sprawl, and one of the ways to do that is through decontamination of land in cities. It’s a priority for me,” said the Prime Minister during his speech.

Arrows for dealers

The CAQ leader took the opportunity to anger Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand, who slammed recent statements by ministers in the Legault government about post-densification, which they say is a “fashion”.

“Basically, you were easy to work with, Régis (Labeaume),” launched Mr. Legault, welcoming the former mayor of Quebec who was honored by the UMQ this morning.

“We will develop an unconditional friendship,” Mr. Legault joked, still aiming at Mayor Marchand. I promise you that we will try to strengthen our relationship.

He also stressed the importance of improving both mobility and public transport.

The prime minister then alluded to the Quebec-Lévis tunnel project on March 3and Link, which better connects the network to the South Shore, says him.

“We have the right to develop a second major metropolis in Quebec,” Mr. Legault said.

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