Zibi: a carbon neutral neighborhood with a unique energy system in North America

Zibi’s new power system is the only one in use in North America low-grade post-industrial waste for heating its buildings and one of the few district heating systems (SEQ) without fossil fuels, the client explained at the inauguration.

Zibi’s energy system is self-sufficient. The heating recovers heat from the effluent from the sanitary paper manufacturing process at the nearby Kruger mill, while the air conditioning uses chilled water from the Ottawa River.

Upon completion, all of Zibi’s residential and commercial buildings (totaling 4 million square feet) will be connected by a hydroponic circuit that will distribute heat and air conditioning.

Photo: Courtesy of Zibi Group

A crazy project, says the mayor of Ottawa

I remember when Jeff [Westeinde, le président de Zibi] first told me about this project. I thought the guy was crazy joked Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson during a tour of the facility, which is located on the lower level of the Aalto rental building in Gatineau.

It’s a very innovative way to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s good for the environment and on top of that it saves us money.

We don’t burn anything! »

A quote from Jeff Westeinde, President of Zibi

Jeff Westeinde pointed out that heating and cooling the Zibi District will not emit and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs). THG of 4420 tons per year.

colored tubes

The pipelines that make up the central power system of Zibi District.

Photo: Radio Canada / Christian Milette

Our system uses much less electricity and no gas at all‘ he said enthusiastically. It will generate energy for [des immeubles résidentiels et commerciaux qui représentent] an area of ​​four million square meters. This is equivalent to removing 1000 cars from the road.

It’s a relatively easy system to develop, Mr Westeinde continued, but it’s very complex to set up due to the number of partners involved in the project. There were days we thought we’d never make ithe admitted.

The Zibi Project’s carbon neutral heating and cooling system was made possible through a business partnership between Zibi, Hydro Ottawa and Kruger Products.

This project shows not only the potential for innovation in the energy sector, but also how we can adapt our companies, products and strategies to improve the planet’s lot through zero activity, net emissions, zero waste and zero energyBryce Conrad, President and CEO of Hydro Ottawa, said in a statement.

Dream Unlimited President and CEO Michael Cooper said Zibis System un modèle pour les communautés du monde entier quant à la manière de créer des partenariats novateurs qui contribuent à réduire les effets des changements climatiques”,”text”:”estun modèle pour les communautés du monde entier quant à la manière de créer des partenariats novateurs qui contribuent à réduire les effets des changements climatiques”}}”>is a model for communities around the world on how to build innovative partnerships that help reduce the impact of climate change.

The project received a $23 million loan from the federal government in April 2021.

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