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TORONTO | It’s not just the Montreal market that can get impatient with its star players. That of the Toronto area has nothing to envy.

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Between the fourth and fifth games of this series, John Tavares was the target of much criticism.

When he put his $11 million mark on the Maple Leafs’ payroll, many of them argued that the return on investment wasn’t very great.

Also in the morning, Mitch Marner and Mark Giordano had to come to his defense, recalling that he was “an outstanding leader” and a “fierce competitor on the ice.”

The Toronto captain, who himself admitted at the end of game four that he wanted to do more without necessarily forgetting to put in a good effort in “the little details”, reacted well last night.

It was Auston Matthews’ goal that was crucial, but the Ontarian’s two-point night also propelled the Queen City representatives to a 4-3 win over the Lightning.

“That’s good,” said the number 34, who hadn’t scored since playing doubles in the first game. The energy of the crowd, the vibe of the building, it was special. »

Special mention also goes to William Nylander, author of one goal and two assists.

A punishment that changes everything

The Torontonians therefore opt for this first-round confrontation. The band in Matthews will have the opportunity to knock out Steven Stamkos in Tampa tomorrow night. The Maple Leafs would advance to the second round for the first time since 2004.

However, a win for the Leafs is not the tangent that this meeting had taken. Two goals from Stamkos and Victor Hedman within 52 seconds of play in the sixth and seventh minutes gave the impression that it was still going to be a one-sided game.

That was until the Lightning was penalized for the second time that night for having too many players on the rink.

Campbell’s Redemption

In fact, that penalty might have been ineffective if Jack Campbell hadn’t blocked a Nick Paul shot from close range 2-0.

Additionally, in a way, we witnessed the Leafs goalie’s redemption. After allowing five goals on 16 shots on Sunday, he retired, keeping his side in the game and maintaining their lead on more than one occasion.

Paul, who broke away from him, and Nikita Kucherov, who witnessed a miraculous standstill, were among his victims.


Austin Matthews

Great players have to stand up when it counts, and that’s exactly what this 60-goal scorer did as he gave his team victory

too many players

You have to be in the rare moon to take two penalties for having too many players on the ice in the same duel. So the lightning brought the leaves back into play

First period

1-VG: Steven Stamkos (2)
(Palat, Kutscherow)5:19
2TB: Victor Hedman (2)
(Kucherov, Killorn) AN-6:11

Penalties: Bench penalty (TB) (shot down by Perry) 2:51, Brodie (goal) 5:50, Nylander (goal) 9:47, Giordano (goal) 11:17, Point (TB) 15:21, Bogosian (TB ) 18:37, Marner (goal) 18:43

second period

3 GOAL: John Tavares (1)
(Nylander, Giordano) AN-3:35

Penalties: Bench (TB) (served by Perry) 2:51, Stamkos (TB) 8:59

third period

4-GOAL: Morgan Rielly (2)
(Tavares, Nylander)3:01
5-GOAL: William Nylander (3)
(Mikheyev, Holl)4:14
6TB: Ryan McDonagh (1)
(Colton, Paul) DN-8:17
7-GOAL: Austin Matthews (3)
(Marner, Bunting) AN-13:54

Penalty shootout: fight (goal) 2:15, Stamkos (TB) 2:25

Shoot the net

TAMPA BAY 14-9-12-35TORONTO 4-14-8-26


TB: Andrei Vasilevskiy (P, 2-3), GOAL: Jack Campbell (G, 3-2)

Numerical advantages:

TB: 1 of 5, TOR: 2 of 6


Trevor Hanson, Jean Hebert


David Brisebois, Derek Nansen



What we noticed…

Shoot the puck!

If the Leafs hope to survive this first round, their massive offense needs to get going. Before the game, the Torontonians had scored just three goals on 18 chances (16.7%) since the start of the series. They had only fired 27 shots, or 1.5 per massive attack. A ratio that’s clearly not enough for them to score regularly, but enough for the team’s supporters to start chanting: ” Shoot the puck! Shoot the puck! Shoot the puck! It paid off in the end when John Tavares put the Leafs on the scoreboard in this way.

Matthews published

The ice advantage served the Auston Matthews trio, allowing them to frequently break free from the clutches of the Brayden Point unit. According to, he and Mitch Marner had shot attempts 21-7 and 10-4.

Kucherov climbs

Nikita Kutscherow continues to climb the ranks within the Brotherhood of active players. His two assists brought his total playoff points to 134. He joined Joe Thornton as the fourth-ranked hockey player, who has not yet announced his retirement. Ahead are Sidney Crosby (200), Evgeni Malkin (177) and Alex Ovechkin (140).

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