Tom Brady’s contract with Fox Sports is $375 million

Tom Brady is arguably the greatest footballer of all time. The former Patriots quarterback, now based in Tampa Bay, is the face of the NFL.

He’s retired in recent weeks before returning to the game, but on the day he truly retires, he’ll receive a huge pay rise from the $15 million he’ll command in 2022.


Because the quarterback is officially a football game analyst at Fox Sports. He has a 10-year contract that will bring him $37.5 million a year, or $375 million in total. Don’t play because: analyze.

His contract begins the day he decides he’s tired of playing. If it’s in a year, two years or even more, Fox will be waiting for him and his contract will come into effect at that time.

Whistleblower alert: There’s no way PK Subban will be making $37.5M a year on ESPN covering hockey games. Football in the United States is different.

$37.5 million to work a few months a year is huge. And a $375 million contract as an analyst is more than all active NFL players who aren’t Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs quarterback has a $450 million contract.

$37.5 million per year as an analyst is more than double any other analyst.

There have been rumors in recent months that Brady is heading to Miami as the club’s quarterback and minority shareholder. The project never materialized and we can assume that with such a contract at Fox, Brady will not be employed by any team or shareholders of an NFL club in the medium term.

However, he will not be pitied and he will be able to invest elsewhere.

Remember Brady has spent his career accepting contracts for the benefit of his teams. This allowed his bosses to surround him well and win regularly.

That’s how he snagged seven Super Bowl titles, became a GOAT and received tons of advertising money, which made up for it and increased his popularity in the sports world.

And let’s say he wouldn’t have won $375 million without his seven rings, which in hindsight made it a paying bet.

It should also be noted that his wife (Gisele Bundchen) is one of the most popular models in the world – and inevitably one of the richest. Brady could afford to sign at a discount when he was a Player for the Common Good at his club as the pair were more doomed at home than they were at the end of the month.


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