The hypocrites of the anti-abortion movement

My parents only had two children: my sister and me.

Back then (I’m talking late 1950s for my sister and early 1960s for me) it wasn’t very common among French-speaking Catholics.

Couples usually had three or four children. Before it was five.

Disappointed to see that the Martineau couple, who lived across from his church, were not doing their fair share in filling Quebec with future little angels, the priest one day crossed LaSalle Boulevard in Verdun to rebuke my father.

“You’re preventing the family from doing this,” he told her. (In good French: “You don’t have enough children.”)

My father looked him straight in the eye and said, “I’ll tell you what to do in your church, you? So don’t come and tell me what to do in my house!”

That day my father became my hero.


We want to say the same to Republicans, who have been trying to recriminalize abortion for decades.

“Can you mind your own business? Aren’t you the one who keeps repeating that the state is too powerful and too present in the lives of American citizens? So what are you doing under their bed watching who and how they fuck?

If this continues, these blessed donkeys (who, according to the Politico site, have managed to win over the Supreme Court) will soon be looking to ban sex education classes or criminalize homosexuality again, like the “good old days” of wardrobes were not only used to store our winter coats.

Why stop here, friends?

Why not ban masturbation?

After all, can you imagine how many children would be in playpens or on a priest’s lap if millions of sperm didn’t land on the floor of a Kleenex every day?

Or on the ceiling of a toilet?

As comedian Bill Maher said, “For Republicans, life begins not with conception, but with erection!”


But we lose nothing by waiting…

I’ll bet you $100 that we’ll soon find out that one of the big names in the anti-abortion movement paid an “angel maker” to “fix” his 17-year-old daughter’s problem.

It’s written in the sky.

Abortion isn’t good for anyone… except for my daughter, who is too young to have a child and pawn her life.

we know the song

Nothing is more hypocritical than a morale guard walking around with his ass tight.

They are often the first to be danced naked I will survive in a motel room while a hairy cowboy beats the beat with a coke spoon.

This moral right is a disgrace to true conservatives who fight for more responsible use of public funds, harsher penalties for true criminals, and a quiet, unassuming state that does not intrude on the privacy of its citizens.

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