Narcissistic people respect barrier gestures less!


  • The mask requirement on buses, trains, planes and all public transport will no longer apply. However, it will still be mandatory in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Narcissists who still chose to wear a mask were more likely to recommend others do the same.
  • Grandiose narcissism can become pathological.

Drop the masks! From Monday, May 16, they will no longer be mandatory on public transport. This was announced by Health Minister Olivier Véran on Wednesday, May 11, at the end of the Council of Ministers. For some it will be a relief, for others it won’t change much because they no longer wore it. American researchers wanted to understand who these people are who show little or no respect for barrier gestures.At a time when people were being encouraged to wear a mask or get vaccinated to help not only themselves but others, there was one personality trait that struck us as a possible explanation for those who don’t wanted to keep“explained Peter Hatemi, lead author of the study. “My co-author and I had previously explored narcissism in other functions, and it seemed like it could be strongly associated with these behaviors.” In a study published in electricity psychologyconclude that narcissism is indeed a risk factor.

Two types of narcissism

For the study, researchers collected information from a sample of 1,100 American adults in March 2021. They asked them about wearing masks and their attitudes towards vaccination, as well as their stress from the epidemic. At the same time, the participants answered a questionnaire designed to assess their level of narcissism. There are two types of narcissism in psychology:vulnerable“, where people seek to be accepted by others, and the “Great“where they want others to admire them. The study’s authors suggest that narcissism, when present to a lesser degree, is an aspect of everyone’s personality.”We all have some level of grandiose and vulnerable narcissism.”, emphasizes Peter Hatemi. “Without them, we wouldn’t function properly.” However, he points out that this innate narcissism can be fueled by context and environment, as was the case during the pandemic.

Less Disciplined Narcissists!

Taking into account the characteristics of the different participants, their risk perceptions, and the policies put in place in their state, the researchers conclude: The people who were most vulnerable to grandiose narcissism were less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated. Participants who were more concerned with vulnerable narcissism were also less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated if their personality was self-centered. However, vulnerable narcissists, who are more sensitive to the judgment of others, were more likely to wear the mask and get vaccinated. “If you want to persuade someone dealing with grandiose narcissism to wear a mask or follow other recommendations, make this constraint cool and unique to meet their need for flashinesssuggests Peter Hatemi. For those who are sensitive to judgment, you can tell them that the barrier gesture in question is socially acceptable.

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