Lara Fabian mourns

Lara Fabian had very sad news to share on her social networks.

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On Instagram, the singer shared a photo of a woman with a small mention letting us understand that the person in question had died.

If she didn’t specify who it was in her brief text, her followers in the comments seemed keenly aware of the identity of the deceased: It’s Lise Richard. The latter was not only a good friend of Lara’s, but also her agent for a number of years.

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“I will always love you… may this final journey lead you to the eternity of love you deserve,” the director wrote soberly Star Academy as caption.

In an interview on our pages last year with Joël Legendre, the interpreter of I like you opened up about his relationship with Lise Richard, calling her the one who gave him his first chance.

“Lise is first and foremost an extraordinary woman. I would even say that I was very in touch with the maternal side that inspired her. She was a mother of two young daughters whom she left for a long time to travel around the world with me. That’s how she became my big sister. Lise saw me one night singing at Bijou, a very popular cabaret in Old Montreal in the 1980’s and was the one who took me to Trans-Canada, which at the time was the largest record producer and distributor in Quebec was . She’s the one who’s going to make sure I sign the deal for this first album. So it’s thanks to this wonderful woman that everything started for me,” she said at the time.

In comments under his publication, many netizens sent him lots of love and sweetness. We join them and take this opportunity to offer our sincere condolences to the loved ones.

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