House of Representatives to vote on $40 billion in additional aid to Ukraine | war in Ukraine

Last month, the White House requested a $33 billion budget expansion to help Ukraine repel the Russian offensive, prop up its economy and meet humanitarian needs.

According to the Washington Postthe military aid component will be devoted to military equipment, training, military salaries and intelligence support.

The project includes a $5 billion sum to address global food security issues seriously threatened by the conflict.

According to the daily, passage of the bill will bring the total amount of Ukrainian aid that Congress has allocated since the Russian invasion on February 24 to more than $53 billion.

With this bailout program, America is sending an overwhelming message to the world of our unwavering determination to support the brave people of Ukraine until they achieve victory.said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ahead of the vote.

This aid package must pass the Senate before President Joe Biden enacts it.

Prior to the debates in the House of Representatives, Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader of the Senate Democrats, promised to hold a vote shortly. The Senate will act quickly to pass the emergency funding and send it to the desk of the [président]he tweeted.

On Monday, Joe Biden urged Congress to pass the bill, saying in a statement the existing envelope would be exhausted jours”,”text”:”approximativement 10jours”}}”>about 10 days.

The original goal was to tie Ukraine’s aid package to $10 billion in additional funding to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, but Republicans threatened to freeze the envelope for Ukraine if Democrats approved their fund project for the fight against COVID would be included.

We cannot afford to delay this vital war effort [contre la Russie]conceded Joe Biden in the press release issued on Monday.

Therefore, I am willing to accept that these two measures will be pursued separately so that the draft law on aid to Ukraine can land on my desk immediately.he said, but insisted on the importance of funding the fight against COVID-19 failing that more Americans will die needlessly.

Last month, Republicans had already blocked the COVID-19 bill that Republicans supported, and they called for a vote on an amendment that would block Joe Biden from lifting Trump-era immigration restrictions put in place for the pandemic.

As Russia’s 11th week offensive draws to a close, President Biden signed legislation Monday that will ease the export of military equipment to Ukraine, dusting off a World War II measure used to fight Nazi Germany became.

Canada is outstanding

US intelligence chief Avril Haines also argued before the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russia was preparing for a protracted conflict in Ukraine.

She also argued that President Vladimir Putin intended not to limit his desire for occupation to just the Donbass region, but intended to expand the conflict to Transnistria, a region of Moldova that seceded in 1990.

A Republican senator used the hearing to express frustration at the overwhelming US share of military aid to Ukraine, according to the CBC report.

40 billion is a lot of moneyargued Dan Sullivan, a Republican from Alaska, during an exchange on Kyiv’s new fiscal framework.

He mentioned Canada twice and asked witnesses if they had seen US allies getting closer to NATO’s military spending target of 2% of member countries’ GDP.

We still have NATO allies, including Canada, taking advantage of the situation without paying their fair share. And it’s going to be a bit tiring. »

A quote from Dan Sullivan, Senator from Alaska

A recent NATO assessment shows that Canada is falling behind its allies in achieving its goal. The report, released in late March, estimates that bottom-performing Ottawa spent about 1.36% of its GDP on defense spending in 2021.

Canada has also provided Ukraine with over C$1 billion in loans and non-military and military assistance, including eight armored vehicles and some howitzers.

Recently, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin thanked and commended his Canadian counterpart, Anita Anand, for Ottawa’s contribution guide and the moral awareness from Canada.

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