Google I/O 2022: A second beta of Android 13 is here

True to the schedule announced last winter, Google continues to release betas of its Android operating system. Android 13 Beta 2 is therefore downloadable on the occasion of Google I/O.

The Google I/O, dedicated to developers and in particular developers of apps for the Android mobile operating system, is traditionally an opportunity for Mountain View to present in detail the version of the operating system that will be released the following fall. Android 13, the first beta of which has been available since spring, is therefore in the spotlight there. The “Beta 2”, which was made official tonight, will be available for download not only on Pixels, but also on a selection of third-party smartphones as part of the conference’s opening keynote, the company informs us.

An Android 13 with a focus on personalization

In the news department, the items described in Google’s initial Android 13 announcement are fine. We note, for example, the enrichment of the personalization component of the devices, such as the possibility of customizing the color themes of the icons of Google apps, but also of third parties, or even defining themes for the said icons. Also appears the choice of language for each application, handy for multilingual users. Google also highlights options related to privacy, with the ability to customize photos and videos (in Google Photos) to share with loved ones. Likewise, clipboard history is automatically cleared to prevent malicious applications from spying on the user’s data, who will also be notified whenever an app accesses the same clipboard.

This new beta includes announcements related to Google apps. We refer to the expansion of the alerting service in case of an earthquake to new countries, the enrichment of Google Wallet with in particular ID cards and driver’s licenses (in the United States) or the appearance of end-to-end encrypted group conversations using the RCS messaging Minutes (with Google Messages) by the end of the year.

There are also a number of improvements relating to Android and Connected Objects, such as the expansion of the Fast Pair service, which makes it easier to pair headphones from other third-party manufacturers with an Android smartphone. Finally, Google adds the Audio Switch function, which automates the connection change between smartphone and other products according to the current usage. As the I/O is meant to be a glimpse into the future, all of these features are expected by the end of 2022.

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