Gasoline costs influence the choice of holiday destination

The explosion in fuel prices, which have been above the usual $2 a liter for several days, may encourage Quebecers to reconsider their summer vacation plans.

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This is at least indicated by a survey carried out yesterday by colleagues from TVA.

More remote regions such as the Magdalen Islands, the North Coast, Gaspésie or Abitibi could suffer.

“Usually we walk around the lake. [Mais] At two dollars a liter of gas, you think twice, confided Claude Ellefsen, a resident of Saguenay. Yesterday (Monday) a full tank cost me $120. It’s crazy ! »

For him, as for others, campsites could be an economical alternative. Campsites are also seeing a trend towards longer stays.

“We will be staying longer, which will allow us to save some fuel (sic), Mr Ellefsen continues. We planned to go to Gaspésie, but we won’t do it. »

While in Quebec yesterday all opposition parties were demanding solutions from the Legault government, the United States faced the same movement. Yesterday, the average price of a gallon of gasoline there was $4.37, a new record.

Huge appetite to go

While acknowledging these increases are a concern for many Quebecers, CAA-Quebec says it has not yet noticed any major changes in their travel intentions.

“Obviously, $2.06 a liter isn’t pleasant and can present a psychological barrier that will cause some to reconsider their plans,” admits his spokesman, Nicolas Ryan. But at the moment this is not what we see. »

On the contrary, CAA says it’s noticing a bigger than usual appetite for the holiday season.

“Our agents in our travel department are so busy that people are being asked to book appointments to reduce wait times. We are also looking for a hundred workers to help them. »

Some compromised projects?

The latter estimates that an increase of 50 cents per liter in the normal consumption for a vehicle that uses 10 liters per 100 km results in a fuel consumption difference of 50 dollars per 1000 km driven.

This distance is equivalent to a round trip between Montreal and Dolbeau-Mistassini in Lac-Saint-Jean. Or a round trip between Quebec and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

“After three years of the pandemic, even if they are financially strained, will people stop themselves from going to the Gaspé or elsewhere for a week for $50 more gas? We do not know. But at this point in the season, we feel this increase is unlikely to impact most plans. »

– With Cloé Hudon, TVA Nouvelles

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