Canada’s Got Talent Finale: “Please, I want to go” – Jeanick Fournier

“I need all Quebecers. please i want to go I talk about it and I feel like crying.

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The message of Jeanick Fournier, this singer from Chicoutimi who amazed the jury Canada’s Got TalentIt is clear to her: she definitely wants to be part of the grand finale of the show.

In order to do that, she needs to garner public support, as the last two spots available are subject to a referendum among seven entrants in the semi-finals.

Voting lasts until 10 p.m. Wednesday evening via the CGT website.

On Wednesday afternoon he performed again the day after a performance, but this did not allow him to go directly to the final, Jeanick Fournier held on with difficulty.

“I’m pissed, I hate waiting for something and I’m at the mercy of choice. It’s captivating. I have eczema in life and that’s where it comes out on my face.

Participating in the final, which will be broadcast live on City-TV on May 17, would be a wonderful gift for the woman who will be celebrating her 50th birthday three days later on May 20.

“It’s amazing to get all of this. I’m exploding inside I’m exploding with love, gratitude and fever.”

more praise

Jeanick Fournier came out of nowhere and surprised everyone, the CGT judges first and foremost, during his audition in early April with a stunning rendition of a song by his idol, Celine Dion.

Tuesday evening is with Never enougha track from the film’s soundtrack The master of the scenethat she was trying to get a ticket to the finals.

Although it wasn’t retained, the judges were still more than polite. “I can’t believe you’re not a resident of Vegas,” even said guest judge Jason Priestley.

His song is selected

Jeanick Fournier becomes fixated on his fate on Thursday afternoon. If celebrated, it will immediately take the event to Niagara Falls, from where the finale will be televised.

She already knows what song she’s going to sing, if any. “I can’t tell you, but it’s a song I know well and can impress with.”

Regardless of the outcome, her appearances on national television have already had her phone ringing. She received several offers for shows across Quebec. An album?

“I get a lot of songs,” replies the Saguenéenne artist, who is signed to the giant Universal Music for his participation Canada’s Got Talent.

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