7 million games sold, David Cage left a message

While the Quantic Dream studio was celebrating its 25th birthday, David Cage, its co-founder, wrote a message on the official blog to commemorate the first steps of his company, founded on May 1st, 1997. Omicron: The Nomad Soul was the studio’s first game before moving on to Farunit and then Heavy Rain, the first real success of the Parisian studio, which then specialized in narrative adventure games. The latest title, Detroit Become Human, has just surpassed 7 million copies sold. This is 1 million more copies since July 6, 2021 when Quantic Dream announced 6 million Detroit sold.

With the success of Detroit: Become Human and its 7 million copies sold, Quantic Dream is now an independent publisher, funding and marketing its productions and supporting other independent studios. We’ve transitioned to multiple projects, we’ve significantly increased our workforce, most notably by opening a second studio in Montreal, and we recently announced Star Wars Eclipse, the most ambitious game in our history and a dream come true.

If Quantic Dream has managed to prove to LucasFilms Games that it is capable of overcoming the challenge of a Star Wars game, we must not forget that the French studio has long worked for the needs of Sony Interactive Entertainment by It offers 3 exclusive Heavy games Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Detroit Become Human. With the arrival of NetEase in its capital, Quantic Dream has become an independent publisher, now able to finance itself, but also looking for new studios to support them in their various projects. Struck by allegations of toxic culture and still facing court, Quantic Dream has not failed to recall its commitment to inclusion.

As an organization, we continually work to improve, increase our commitment to a more diverse and inclusive company, and ensure our games accurately represent all communities. It’s a commitment we’ve always had and will continue to reinforce in our culture and in all of our future games.

While awaiting the end of the story in court, Quantic Dream is multiplying projects as the studio is working on two more games alongside Star Wars Eclipse, according to some insiders. It’s rumored that one of these would be a game that would take the concept from the Dark Sorcerer demo released during E3 in 2013.

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