The Russian ambassador in Poland sprayed with a red substance

The Russian ambassador to Poland was sprayed with a red substance on Monday and attacked by pro-Ukrainian protesters in Warsaw to mark the anniversary of the end of World War II, an incident immediately denounced by Moscow.

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According to an AFP photographer present at the scene, pro-Ukrainian activists chanting “fascists” and waving the Ukrainian national flag blocked the ambassador’s passage as he was scheduled to lay a wreath at the Warsaw cemetery where the fallen Soviet soldiers rest in World War II.

May 9, 1945 marks the Russian victory over Nazi Germany.


Afterwards, a few people threw a red substance on her face and clothes, and also splashed around her.

After wiping his face, Sergei Andreyev said: “I am proud of my country and my president”.

Mr Andreev told Russian news agency RIA Novosti he was not seriously injured in the attack, adding that the red substance was a type of syrup.


The incident was immediately denounced by Moscow.

Maria Zakharova, spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, said, “Supporters of neo-Nazism have once again shown their face, and it’s bloody.”

Moscow also issued “a strong protest” to the Polish authorities “for their leniency towards young neo-Nazis”.


Russia, which constantly denounces the “Russophobia” of Westerners in general and Poland in particular, has also demanded “to be able to organize the wreath-laying ceremony without delay, ensuring its utmost security in the face of all kinds of provocations”. .

The Russian Embassy had planned to hold an official ceremony at the site, but it was canceled after a negative response from the Mayor of Warsaw and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said after the incident that “Polish authorities did not recommend that the Russian Ambassador lay flowers in Warsaw on May 9.”

“The police allowed the ambassador to go safe,” he added.


Mr. Kaminski also tweeted that the activists gathered there legally to protest “Russian aggression in Ukraine, where the crime of genocide is happening every day.”

“The emotions of Ukrainian women – who took part in the protest and whose husbands are valiantly fighting to defend their homeland – are understandable,” he added.

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