The first Starship flights to Mars will begin in 2030

SpaceX COO Gynn Shotwell just announced the aerospace company’s future launch plan. The first manned flights to Mars with the Starship spacecraft are scheduled to begin by 2030, according to the SpaceX operations manager. However, a first step is planned: the return to the moon in 2024.

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In parallel to its work as a satellite launcher for Starlink or on behalf of the American army and NASA, SpaceX is currently working on the development of spaceship, a rocket of the new generation. This gigantic ship (120 meters high) will be responsible for bringing the first humans to Mars. Elon Musk has also announced that he wants to launch Starship for the first time in May 2022 if all goes well.

Not long ago, Elon Musk revealed his predictions for future Starship flights. The billionaire and current owner of Twitter hopes a crew won’t set foot on the red planet before 2029 at the earliest. This timeline has been confirmed by Gynne ShotwellSpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) during an interview with CNBC.

SpaceX confirms first flights to Mars by 2030

The manager certifies that The first manned flights to Mars will take place in this decadeespecially by 2030.”I think we have to pull off an important mission on the surface of Mars and then the public will think about it more seriously. I think that in five to six years we will realize that this is a goal.” she says confidently.

Nevertheless, it reminds us that there is still an intermediate stage before we make our way to the fourth planet in the solar system. As a matter of fact, SpaceX and NASA must first complete the Artemis mission, which will mark man’s return to the moon. On that subject, SpaceX says it’s confident of sending the first astronauts to the moon before 2024. The aerospace company is optimistic about the progress made in the development of its lunar lander.

On the other hand, this optimism is not really shared by NASA. The US space agency is facing serious difficulties in developing the new xEMU space suits (Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Units). They are designed to replace the current spacewalk suits. It has to be said that at almost 50 years old they start to show their age. Note that NASA already has plans for the future once installed on the moon, with building a nuclear power plant and setting up a Wi-Fi network.

Source: CNET

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