Solo exhibition: Philippe Laprise uses humor to fight his “fake” breast cancer

Philippe Laprise lived the last year as if it were his last. Thought about dying after discovering a lump on her right breast, the comedian put things into perspective and gave birth to a brand new show. Why notwhich premiered Monday night at Montreal’s Monument-National.

As funny as it is unlikely, her fourth solo show revolves around this “diagnosis” of breast cancer and all that follows. Her slightly awkward virtual doctor’s appointment, the mammogram with Shea Weber that turned her breast into a thin-crust pizza, and the weirdness the fear of dying caused.

Thinking he had less than a year to live, Phil let go and indulged in activities – each crazier than the last – and also agreed to things he wouldn’t necessarily have agreed to in normal times, like stripping down deep in a sweat lodge in the Forest with his friends Dominic and Martin.

Like a fish in water

The comedian was solid during the presentation of this fourth opus, marking his return to the stage since his previous show’s touring was abruptly halted. I take care of itin March 2020. His timing and facial expressions allowed him to make his story gripping, funny and very entertaining, even if this situation in which he was immersed for months was extremely torturous.

Sitting in the light…at the end of the tunnel, the comedian began his show when, despite numerous warnings about the show’s imminent start and a delayed start, people were still returning to their seats. However, the comedian remained calm and a few minutes later the cruising speed was reached.

Kudos to the staging, simple but effective, conceived by actor Vincent Graton. The changing tint of the neon lights installed on stage allowed us to travel from one place to another, from the waiting room to the exam room, by walking through the house.

The comedian also reached out to choreographer Alex Francœur (revolution) to help him on his travels, while Nicolas Boucher (script editor), Sébastien Ouellet, Pascal Mailloux and Julien Tapp assisted him with the texts.

Philippe Laprise will be in Chicoutimi on May 12th and 13th and at the Capitole de Québec on May 19th. For more information:

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