PK Subban will be an ESPN analyst during the playoffs

Last year, in the playoffs, PK Subban decided to try his hand at ESPN as an analyst. With the Devils not in the playoffs, he had a chance to get his feet wet so he could start analyzing games.

Of course everyone knows Subban’s passion and intensity. He is a natural in front of the cameras and that has opened the door to a position he could take after his career ends.

And obviously he’s made the folks at ESPN happy because this year he’s set to resume playoff activity. So it’s a surprise that’s not really a surprise when you think about it.

Because his Devils are still out of the playoffs, he will be seen on US television in the coming weeks.

We agree that he will be a natural.

But the question we have to ask is whether he’ll be sitting in a chair at ESPN next year or if he’ll manage to land a new contract to play again in 2022-2023.

Because yes, the big contract that Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin signed in 2014 has expired – even in the coming weeks. The Devils really don’t seem inclined to bring him back to town.

But the player wants to play. He’s aware ESPN will be waiting for him, but his playing career is fleeting.

The defender says he’s not sure yet if he’ll make it into a career or a job (since we’re talking about TV) once he’s done playing, but he still has time to think about it because he still wants to play.

Even we know it, PK

Whether I make it a career or a job, I’ll decide when my playing career is over.

I still have a lot of hockey to play, I want to play, so that’s my number 1 priority. – PK Subban

If he signs in the NHL, there will be a discount. He no longer has the performance to justify a big contract and he doesn’t need a big contract either, especially if he wants to give himself a chance to win the cup.

And otherwise? His seat at ESPN will be waiting for him.


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