It’s worth paying employees to travel

Dany Michaud was looking for a unique way to motivate his 40 employees. The owner of Voghel, a heavy equipment dealer, has decided to give it his all!

He bought his team a trip to Disney. Not only for the workers, but also for all their family members. A total of 125 people will fly to the magical land next December. A gift worth around $250,000! Has the boss fallen on his head?

“Not at all, I assure you,” says the businessman with an honest smile. It was a big surprise. The team did not expect such a reward! »

Dany Michaud made his mark as a director of Moisson Montréal for 5 years and then as CEO of RECYC-QUÉBEC. In 2017 he bought the SME Voghel based in Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

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Win win

This trip to Disney is what he calls a “shared dream,” a goal set as a team over a three-year period that will help increase productivity and retain employees.

“Productivity increases with recognition,” he notes. In three years our turnover has quadrupled and I haven’t lost any employees! »

At a time when employees don’t hesitate to browse and shop for their employer, we can say it’s remarkable!

Even more notably, Dany Michaud isn’t trying to self-promotion with the trip to Disney. No promotion, no bragging.

“We remain discreet, do not take part in competitions for the best employers. We focus on the inside and word of mouth will do! »

Resumes abound. Just last week he hired two new mechanics, positions that some companies just can’t fill!


In the context of the labor shortage, Dany Michaud sees the trip to Disney not as an expense but as an investment.

He gave me this example: “A mechanic whose services are billed an average of $155 an hour in the industry brings in $241,000 in direct revenue per year. This mechanic alone generates the equivalent of a trip for the entire team in a single year. »

Even if the trip helps the SME keep a single mechanic, it represents a profitable return on investment!

“I prefer to deprive myself of certain profits in order to reinvest them to increase sales and therefore profit margins,” explains Dany Michaud.


And beyond the financial calculations, employee recognition at Voghel has become a real management philosophy.

“Everyone’s a winner,” says the boss. I noticed this on a recent visit where the staff didn’t hesitate to show their pride in working there.

But going to Disney isn’t a panacea. Dany Michaud also offers performance bonuses, a bonus to offset rising fuel prices, and he doesn’t hesitate to consult his team before making any business decisions. His goal is ambitious: he wants to double his sales in the short term.

The growth of many businesses in Quebec is being slowed or even hampered by the labor shortage. In this context, it becomes a necessity for many of them to share their successes and profits, a gift that makes their employees smile … and their accountant. And there is nothing magical about it!

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