guilty of manslaughter | He kills a seventy year old by pushing him down a flight of stairs

A young man from Lachute on Tuesday admitted to killing a seventy-year-old man for no reason by pushing him down an outside metal staircase at the exit of a bar last fall. Samuel Charbonneau pleaded guilty to manslaughter in front of the Saint-Jérôme courthouse.

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Louis Samuel Perron

Louis Samuel Perron
The press

“Sometimes banal situations happen, trivial situations that degenerate. That happened on September 11, 2021,” summed up Crown Prosecutor M.and Steve Baribeau, who narrates the facts of this case.

That evening, Samuel Charbonneau goes with a friend to a bar in Huberdeau, a small town in the Laurentians 20 minutes from Mont-Tremblant. Along the way, the two men meet the victim, Jacques Bernier, who then begins to insult them. The 72-year-old sits on the balcony of his second-floor apartment on the main street in Huberdeau. The conflict ends there.

Samuel Charbonneau and his friend go to the bar and consume alcohol there. Upon exiting the bar, Jacques Bernier is still seated on his balcony, which can be reached from the street by a staircase with “very, very pronounced” steps. The two youths and the victim then exchanged “comments” of an unspecified nature.


Jacques Bernier died on these stairs.

Everything could have ended there, but Samuel Charbonneau “made the mistake of going upstairs,” continues Mand Baribeau summarizes the facts. During a “quarrel” Samuel Charbonneau pushes Jacques Bernier, who falls down the stairs. He will die from his injuries a few weeks later.

Released during the trial, Samuel Charbonneau admitted the facts with conviction before Judge Nancy McKenna. He attended the hearing with his parents.

The attorneys requested a prejudice report to find out more about Samuel Charbonneau, a young man who appeared to have “no history” and no criminal record.

“I must emphasize today the speed of the guilty plea, which is quite rare in these types of cases. This is the third appearance,” the Crown Prosecutor told the judge. In addition, Samuel Charbonneau made an incriminating statement to the police following his arrest, Mr.and Baribeau.

These two elements are certainly cited by the defense as mitigating factors when considering a lenient sentence.

The case will go back to court at the end of August.

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