Everything you need to know about today’s NHL Entry Draft lottery

Tonight is the night.

I have a feeling that tonight is gonna be a good night.

Do not disturb me. I visualize positively while listening black Eyed Peas this morning.

Today is May 10th and the NHL Draft Lottery is tonight. In theory, it shouldn’t last long: from 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. TVA Sports and 91.9 Sports will also be running a special for the event. If everything goes on like this, we should know the selection rank of the CH around 18:58, hehe.

The GMs will all be at home (virtually), while some NHL henchmen (and a host?) will be in the studio in the New York area. One team wins the lottery and another, a consolation prize.

Like a draw for the hen with golden eggs or even at Loto Quebec Studios for the 6/49 of the week, this lottery will not offer a highly entertaining spectacle. Although after the 2021-22 season we were used to seeing not very entertaining shows that last 2h30 in Montreal…

But hey, the results of this lottery will have a big impact on the future of the Montreal Canadiens. So we’re all looking forward to tonight.

Will CH be lucky today or not?

Also, what should we remember from this lottery tonight?

1. The Canadian, who finished the season bottom in the league, has an 18.5% chance of winning the lottery and speaking first place in Montreal on July 7. But since this lottery — exclusive to teams that didn’t make the playoffs — only allows a team to advance a maximum of 10 ranks, if teams 12-16 win that rank, they can’t speak first. And there is a 7% chance that one of his teams will be chosen first.

So the Canadian actually has a 25.5% chance Go to the hope run first. Specifically, it’s as if I asked you to choose spades, hearts, diamonds, or clubs and then picked from a deck of 52 cards (not including the joker). You would have just as many chances be successful that the canadian pull first next July 7th.

2. The Canadian also has an 18.8% chance of getting second pick… and a 55.7% chance of being a draft third party.

(Source: Tankathon)

3. There will be several high-tier players available at ranks 1, 2, and 3… but there are currently no generation players like Sidney Crosby, Connor McDavid, or Nathan MacKinnon. Unfortunately, it looks like CH has a knack for getting a top pick in bad years. Timing is everything, they say

In 2012 the Canadian took Alex Galchenyuk on the third level, in 2018 he chose Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Let’s hope the Canadian doesn’t finish third this year (superstition) and that he can make the right choice this time around…even if it doesn’t include Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby.

4. The Canadian definitely needs an attacking forward to develop on his top six… and that’s a good thing, because 10 of the top 12 players according to the site’s simulator Tankathon are attackers. Would CH want to choose the less risky choice (Shane Wright)? With Logan Cooley’s creative offensive potential? With the size and Juraj Slafkovsky’s Jig? With the fascinating side of Conor Geekie? Provided we don’t decide to reinforce the defense brigade with Simon Nemec or David Jiricek. There are already some good defenders in Montreal’s pipeline, but very few forwards…

(Source: Tankathon)

5. Shane Wright and the Kingston Frontenacs take on the North Bay Battalion (in Kingston) tonight at 7:00 p.m. SHane Wright’s mind will probably be elsewhere during the warm-up…

Remember that the row is 1 to 1 the same.

6. Shane Wright has not played a single game in 2020-21 – apart from the U18 championship – due to COVID-19. There was no season at all in the OH.

Meanwhile, Juraj Slafkovsky has played 41 and Logan Cooley 79. It affects your development…

7. In fact, there will be two lotteries tonight. One for the first choice and one for the second choice overall.

Hurry to see if chance respects or pokes fun at probabilities…


– Since it’s about the lottery, Shane Wright and the NHL Entry Draft…

– David Ettedgui sees Wright, Slafkovsky and Cooley release July 1, 2 and 3 (in that order).

– Kent Hughes must find ways to free up wages over the summer.

– Is Shesterkin injured?

–Filip Forsberg (UFA) Farewell to Predators fans after the team was eliminated last night?

– Heads will roll in Toronto and Edmonton if that’s the case leaves and the Oilers are eliminated in the first round.

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