Dairy products associated with increased risk

That Dairy products are often advocated her many virtuesincluding their contribution calciumelement essential for bone growth. But if they are beneficial to our body, consuming too much can be harmful.

This is shown by this current American-Chinese study, which was published on May 6, 2022 in the media BMC Medicine. In this study, researchers from Oxford Population Health, Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing examined how whose dairy products influence the risk of cancer among the Chinese.

Dairy products: an eleven-year study

For this research, the scientists followed 510,000 participants with no history of cancer for eleven years. Among them there was 59% women and 41% men from ten different regions of China (five rural and five urban). At the beginning of the course, the Volunteers aged 30 to 79 years were asked to complete a questionnaire on the frequency of food consumption, including dairy products.

These first results have allowed experts to share them in three groups:

  • Regular Consumer : those who take it at least once a week;
  • Monthly Consumers ;
  • non-consumer : those who never or very rarely take it.

They also used them for their studies Data from national registers from Cancer and from Deathand health insurance records to identify new cancer diagnoses.

You also considered various factors such as age, gender, region, family history of cancer, lifestyle or physical activity.


Dairy products: cancer risk increased by up to 17%

Research has found that 20% of the participants consumed products regularly (mostly milk), 11% consumed little and 69% very rarely. The average consumption was 38 g per day for all participants and 81 g for regular consumers.

During the study 29,277 new cancer cases were diagnosed. Among them was the highest lung cancer with 6,282 cases, followed by:

The results showed that people who consumed dairy products had a significantly higher risk to develop liver or breast cancer. For an income 50 g dairy products per daythe risk increased from 12 to 17%. Regular consumption was also associated with it with an increased risk of lymphoma.

No association with dairy consumption has been established for other types of cancer.

More research needed

This research show no causalityothers are needed, according to the researchers.

“That was the first major study to study the link between dairy products and cancer risk in a Chinese population. Further studies are required to validate these current results, determine whether these associations are causal and investigate the possible underlying mechanisms involved.” explains Dr. Maria Kakkoura, nutritional epidemiologist at Oxford Population Health and author of the study.

“Although our results suggest that there may be a direct link between regular dairy consumption and certain types of cancer, It is important to know that dairy products are a source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It would not be wise to reduce or increase the consumption of dairy products based solely on the results of the current study without ensuring adequate intake of proteins, vitamins and minerals from other sources.” warns Associate Professor Huaidong Du, principal investigator at Oxford Population Health and author of the study.

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