Cure a stroke by pricking your finger? That makes no sense !


  • 140,000 new strokes are registered in France every year.
  • A stroke manifests itself in muscle weakness, numbness, loss of vision, difficulty speaking, sudden headaches, problems with balance and attention.

“This is how you quickly save someone who has just died of a stroke”. This is how a message published on Facebook on June 10, 2017 begins. This publication, which has been floating around the platform and picked up by multiple accounts, suggests that a Chinese method would allow healing “100%” stroke patients. This technique would consist of sewing “all ten fingers” patients with “a simple needle for sewing.” “If the ten fingers begin to bleed, you have to wait a few minutes and you will see the victim come back to life as if they had been revived.”we can read in the publication.

A dangerous technique for the victims

For several years, many Internet users have taken this advice seriously. However, this claim about the effectiveness of this Chinese technique is false. “The method described in this Facebook publication is not based on any scientific element”, said at theAFPMichel Gugenheim, neurologist and President of the Association of Liberal French-speaking Neurologists.

Interviewed by the news outlet in 2020, Professor Dilraj Singh Sokhi, head of the neurology department at Nairobi’s Aga Khan Hospital, had reported that this practice could worsen the victim’s condition. “The pain caused by injuring one of the most sensitive parts of the body could increase patients’ blood pressure and worsen the stroke,” he had stated.

Calling 15 is the only way to save a stroke patient

Doctors reminded that in case of a stroke or suspected stroke, emergency services should be called immediately. “It is important to act very quickly. Every minute that passes, a million cells in the brain die. It has been proven that during a stroke, if the patient is taken to the hospital as soon as possible, they have a better chance of recovery , since the treatment we offer can only take place in the first few hours after the attack,” had explainedAFPProfessor Dilraj Singh Sokhi.

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