City of Montreal | The opposition wants the park in honor of Dr. Rename Morgentaler

The City Hall Resistance wants Montreal to redesignate a park in the Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (MHM) district after Dright Henry Morgentaler to honor the memory of the man who spent his life working to make abortion easier for women.

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Isabella Duca

Isabella Duca
The press

The city council agreed last fall to rename Parc Beaujeu in honor of the famous doctor. The application was even approved by the MHM’s toponymy committee.

Why this park? Because it’s very close to where the first abortion clinic in Dright Morgentaler, rue Honoré-Beaugrand, in Tétreaultville, 1968.

The application must now go to Montreal City Council for approval. Aside from being stuck somewhere in the meanders of local government, councilman Julien Hénault-Ratelle of Ensemble Montreal, representing the Tétreaultville Borough, deplores it.

“As the debate resurfaces in the United States, but also in Quebec and Canada, I think it would send a very strong message from the city government to say: The Dright Morgentaler represents the values ​​of Montreal. It would be a powerful and symbolic gesture to recognize all the work he has done over the decades for women’s right to self-determination,” stresses Hénault-Ratelle.

PHOTO YVES Beauchamp, La Presse archives

The Clinic Dright Morgentaler, rue Honoré-Beaugrand, 1980

“Now that the name of the Dright Morgentaler is in the toponymy bank, it’s a political decision to move forward while there is momentum at the moment. »

He recalls that Henry Morgentaler went to prison and went to the Supreme Court twice to defend his convictions.

MHM district elected officials have already reached out to the doctor’s children, who support the idea of ​​honoring their father in this way, according to the local council.

At Mayor Valérie Plante’s office, we reply that the request to rename the Beaujeu Park in honor of Dr.right Morgentaler is currently under investigation.

“Toponymic inquiries and recommendations are ongoing and will be able to benefit from the new recognition intervention framework in the coming weeks,” Mayor’s press secretary Alicia Dufour said in a written statement. “The City of Montreal believes it is essential to introduce an improved place-naming mechanism. The new recognition intervention framework will be a major step forward, allowing for a more neutral and comprehensive assessment of the different nomination proposals. »

According to Ensemble Montreal, there is no place in Canada named D.right Morgenthaler up-to-date. In 2008, however, the federal government recognized the doctor’s contribution to society by making him a member of the Order of Canada, the country’s highest civic honor.

Henry Morgentaler, of Polish origin, died in Toronto in 2013.

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