A Swiss newspaper accuses a Quebecer of lying about his qualifications

It’s not every day you hear a crazy story like this in the hockey world, and it’s even rarer for a Quebecer to be involved. According to a Swiss newspaper, Steve Huard, who was a women’s hockey coach in Switzerland, lied about his qualifications and hockey background to get his job. We’re talking about a man who made it as far as being part of the coaching staff of the Swiss women’s team during the 2018 Olympics.


It is completely absurd that such a situation should happen on the 21st (if it really happened).and Century, in which information was never so easy to find and accessible. The leaders didn’t see fit to check Huard’s qualifications before hiring him? You decided to just take his word for it?

It is ridiculous…

Especially since, according to some information that can be found on the subject, Huard’s hockey skills were far from the best.

The saddest thing is that Huard has played an important role in the development of women’s hockey in Switzerland, being in charge of the U18 team in particular. This means that all (or almost) of the country’s best young players have developed under his leadership in 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Once again, I understand that if the allegations are true, Huard is wrong in this situation. I understand that he shouldn’t have invented a life to successfully get the position he wanted. But how will it work? And not only did it work, it worked so well that we decided to give him a lot of responsibility.

It’s just not normal.


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