A Quebec coach in trouble

A Quebec hockey coach who has been based in Switzerland for 11 years is in turmoil, according to the newspaper sunday morning had published a lengthy report accusing him of building a reputation on a false identity, which he denies en bloc.

Quebecois Steve Huard was born in Gaspésie but grew up in Lachine. For 11 years he went to Switzerland after meeting his wife.

After that, he quickly rose through the ranks in hockey in Switzerland, most notably becoming the head coach of the Swiss U18 women’s national team in 2017 and 2018. During the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, he was also assistant coach of the Swiss women’s team.

But after what progress sunday morning, Huard allegedly lied about his past and qualifications. The Swiss Sunday newspaper suggests the Quebecer would have used the identity of another Steve Huard, whose profile is available on the Elite Prospects site, and who played with Gouverneurs de Sainte-Foy midget AAA in 1989-1990.

The bug has been corrected on Elite Prospects and Swiss resident Steve Huard no longer has a player history on his profile.

The Bomo Thun team in Switzerland's first women's division in October 2017, club coached by Steve Huard.

Photo from Twitter

The Bomo Thun team in Switzerland’s first women’s division in October 2017, club coached by Steve Huard.


The newspaper also reports that Mr Huard submitted false documents to the Swiss Hockey Federation to pretend that he had the necessary qualifications to coach.

Huard would have presented a High Performance 1 certification, earned on September 1, 2009, and four documents proving his skills.

However, Services Jeunesses+Sports, a sports promotion program for children and young people in Switzerland, closed in June 2021: “According to the latest information gathered and after verification, I can confirm that Mr. Steve Huard (born 8 August 1978) has his HCR number (Editor’s note: Canadian Hockey Registry) 82360000367 has no skills or coaching level registered on his profile. He also does not own the number CC116889 of the Coaching Association of Canada (NCCP). »

Several interest groups who have worked with Huard over the past 11 years have spoken to journalist Jean Ammann, some saying they were surprised by the allegations and praising his qualities as a coach, others not.


Accompanied by The newspaper On Monday morning, Steve Huard denied all allegations.

“It’s a report full of conjecture, hearsay and half-truths,” he regretted in a telephone interview.

“I am discouraged and will defend my reputation tooth and nail. I have been spending a lot of time with my lawyers lately and intend to resolve this in court. However, I do know that it will take two years and that, win or lose, the damage will be done. Their goal was to ruin my life and they succeeded. »

Mr. Huard insists and signs: The documents he provided to the Swiss Hockey Federation were not forged and the Elite Prospects profile is just a mess.

He says he played his little sport of ice hockey in the Lac Saint-Louis area but, on the advice of his lawyers, declined to divulge any further details about his past.


Steve Huard hasn’t played in the hockey world for four years. He tendered his retirement after leading the Swiss women’s team at the 2019 U18 World Cup.

“I got tired of directing. It means many sacrifices and journeys. »

The 43-year-old man is still drawn to this world in Switzerland since he hosts a podcast entitled MecMatch in which he talks about ice hockey and welcomes Swiss ice hockey personalities.

“I’m independent and do what I want, how I want. I’ve been hard on some journalists and some players and apparently that bothers me more than I thought. »

Huard is acting as an advisor in Europe to Quebec Remparts captain Théo Rochette. He declined to comment on the report sunday morning.

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