Wordle’s embarrassment with the word “foetus”

The New York Times, owner of the popular Wordle pun, hastily changed the solution Monday because it was “fetus,” a word it didn’t like amid a threat to abortion rights in the United States.

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This Monday, among Wordle’s millions of daily players, “some might stumble upon an outdated solution closely related to an important recent news event. It is completely unintentional and a coincidence, ”wrote the editor-in-chief of the games department of the renowned daily Everdeen Mason in a very serious message to users.

Without citing the word “foetus” – “foetus” in English – she specified that the five letters were generated and recorded “last year” before unveiling a week ago a plan to stop the Supreme Court which, if accepted for what it is, the United States will go back 50 years to when each state was free to ban or authorize abortion.

“At the Games section of The New York Times, we take our place as a place of entertainment and escape seriously, and we want Wordle to stay away from the news,” added Everdeen Mason.

But, she added, “when we discovered last week” that the word “fetus” was the solution of the day, it was too late to change it for all users.

“We would like to emphasize that this is something very unusual,” said the newspaper, which announced in mid-February that Wordle would be freed from “hurting or rude” words. The New York Times, which has one of the largest newsrooms in the world, has been trying to diversify to attract subscribers for years, and in January bought the multimillion-dollar phenomenon game.

On social networks, some netizens shared the two solutions of the day, “fetus” and a much more harmless word, some mocking the luxury of the precautionary measures taken by the left-centre classified newspaper.

The New York Times editorial board, which brings together journalists from its opinion section, officially came out in support of abortion rights last week with a column entitled “America Not Ready for Roe Versus Wade End.” from the name of the Supreme Court ruling that enshrined it in American constitutional law.

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