The bread and woods demonstration: women mobilize “for our children”

Thousands of women took to the streets of Quebec City on Mother’s Day in hope of a greener and fairer future for their children.

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“Moms are tired of being angry alone, so let’s join forces to be angry together. What unites us is the love and care we have for our little ones,” says Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, co-founder of the “Mothers on the Frontline” movement.

Around noon, the imposing crowd gathered in the museum park began a march of just over a kilometer along the Grande Allée towards the National Assembly.

Thousands of mothers – and fathers – rallied for the Bread and Forest mobilization and called on the government to “protect their children from rising social inequalities [notamment liées aux places en garderie] and the destruction of ecosystems”.

An impressive crowd of several thousand parents marched on the Grande Allée on Sunday.

Photo Didier Debusschere

An impressive crowd of several thousand parents marched on the Grande Allée on Sunday.

“Francois Legault, are you asleep? Are you sleeping ? ‘ sang the procession to the tune of the nursery rhyme brother Jacques, led by a banner reading “For Our Children”.

More seats

One of the most important demands of the mobilization is to guarantee every child an affordable and high-quality childcare place, says Myriam Lapointe-Gagnon from the Ma place au travail movement.

A particularly difficult situation for mothers, who often have to interrupt their professional careers to take care of their newborn baby.

“We couldn’t find a daycare center for 19 months, so I worked fifteen hours a week when my son was sleeping or in the evenings to survive,” says Marylin Dion, a young mother of two.

“I had no choice but to bring extra income home, you couldn’t just depend on my spouse’s income,” she adds.

Premier Legault is also being asked to pass a framework law that would “oblige the government to assess all its decisions for their impact on the environment and social justice”.

A healthy future

“At our level, we’re pretty much at the end of what we can do. At some point we need political will to make things happen,” said Stéphanie Couture, a mother who attended the demonstration.

An observation that Mme Barbeau-Lavalette by Mères au front, urging the government to make decisions “at the height of the climate catastrophe that awaits us […] for the future of our children.

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