The 1st beta of Android TV 13 is available, but it doesn’t bring anything new

Google has released Android TV 13 Beta, but there aren’t many changes compared to version 12 (yet). However, the improved picture-in-picture mode, a more efficient sleep mode and support for Fast Pair should make an appearance.

Android TV 13 // Source: Google

As Google I/O starts tomorrow, the Android TV 13 Beta has been released by Google. If the novelties are discreet at the moment, a more efficient standby mode, as well as a better function picture in picture (PiP) or support for fast couple should appear.

If for several months we have been learning more and more about the new features of Android 13, until now these have been dedicated to smartphones and tablets. However, keep in mind that the name “Android TV” is set to give way to “Google TV” this year.

Google releases Android TV 13 beta

Android TV 13 Beta 1 was released by Google on May 4th. Enough to allow developers to test it through a development kit called ADT-3 or through the Android TV emulator. Also the possibility for Google to get feedback on this first version from the developers to improve the experience and the compatibility of applications on TVs.

The 1st beta of Android TV 13 is available, but it doesn't bring anything new
Android TV 13 Settings // Source: XDA Developers

Few changes compared to Android TV 12

When this beta is released, the changes from the previous version of Android TV will not be seen, as noted by journalist Mishaal Rahman. No new functionality that has been revealed up until then appears there: there is no mode picture in picture more advanced, nor the support of fast couple or even an improved sleep mode.

Flashed Android 13 Beta to my ADT-3. Time for a spin to see what’s new!

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) May 6, 2022

What’s new in Android TV 13

Several changes have already been announced for the arrival of Android TV 13. First we find the arrival of fast couple, the pairing protocol for Bluetooth headsets and headphones. This allows you to connect a Bluetooth audio device to your TV faster without having to navigate the user interface. In early January at CES in Las Vegas, Google announced the arrival of the fast couple on Android TVs.

The 1st beta of Android TV 13 is available, but it doesn't bring anything new
The Android TV 13 home screen // Source: XDA Developers

Last month, Esper announced an improved sleep mode for Android TV; The latter could now block background applications from accessing the network to reduce power consumption. The blog also spoke of a feature picture in picture revisited: You can now keep a video in the foreground while browsing the UI. Android 13 allowed developers to choose the format of this window.

This week we’re at Google I/O, where we’re supposed to learn more about the future of Android TV. Perhaps some of the new features expected in this release will be mentioned.

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