Returning to Monkey Island won’t be what fans want, warns Ron Gilbert

While the next installment of Monkey Island was announced a few weeks ago, the creator of the saga Ron Gilbert has already warned fans.

Just a month ago the cult franchise monkey island offered a sequel that we were hoping for more. More than ten years later Tales of Monkey Island, the LucasArts Point ‘n Click, returns in 2022 led by its creator, Ron Gilbert. A nostalgic blow for the fans who could discover the first-ever official trailer of the game finally released by the giant Disney.

The same or almost

spread the word Return to Monkey Island already promises to pay a handsome tribute to the original franchise. Beginning with the game’s voice dubbing, which marks the return of the original voice of Guybrush Threepwood. We don’t know at the moment if Paolo Domingo, who lent his voice to the pirate in VF, will also be there, but the game will also be able to count on the composers of the original games, Clint Bajakian, Michael Land and Peter McConnel, the originator of the Cult soundtracks of the series.

Graphically however Return to Monkey Island offers a makeover. Leave the pixel heaps, the game should benefit from a whole new style. Something to chill some purists, but not Ron Gilbert. Finally allowed to offer a sequel to his video game work, the creator explained in a blog post: “Return to Monkey Island may not be the art style you wanted or expected, but it is the art style I wanted.”

Supported by “an amazing team of artists, animators, sound designers, programmers and testers who all poured their soul into this game”the creator of monkey island intends to regain control of his creation. After years of battling Disney, which refused to transfer the rights to the LucasArts license without wanting to exploit it, Gilbert thanked the American giant for his trust: “When I first started making this game, my biggest fear was that Disney wouldn’t let me make the game I wanted to make, but they were wonderful to work with.”and now plans to do things his own way.

Fans are warned

Thought the creator of Monkey Island “Sad” over the many critical comments on the artistic reorientation of the licence, it should therefore stay the course, in promising players the return they have been waiting for : “I don’t want to pressure myself by trying to make the game you want me to play. (…) If you let me do things, you’ll love the game, I promise you that.”

Expected for this year Return to Monkey Island already promises to reignite the flame of piracy among fans of the genre. The game was supposed to start in an amusement park and take place right after the events Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

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