Lost Ark – May update for Lost Ark: The Destroyer and Valtan Legion Raid

The western version of Lost Ark’s First Legion Raid is finally released in the MMORPG’s May update. Simultaneously with the Destroyer, the new specialization of the warrior or even guild activities.

In the past few weeks, the teams fromAmazon games focused on outlining future updates for Lost Ark In the Occident. The operator now explains the content of the May update, including noting that the first Legion Assault of the western version of Lost Ark will finally be rolled out this month.

We recall that Amazon Games delayed the addition Legion Raid (the most difficult type of instances in MMORPG), after realizing that many Western players did not have the sufficient level to venture there. Obviously, European and North American players have caught up and the Valtan raid will therefore soon be available in “normal” and “hard” versions.
The raid is aimed at high-level players with an item level of at least 1415 in the “normal” version and 1445 in the “hard” version. The raid also has two portals, two save points to unlock so if you make a mistake along the way you don’t have to start over. Players completing raids can still obtain new resources used to craft gear of a new rarity, “Relics”.

For players not yet level enough to face Valtan, the update also adds a new Guardian Raid, Deskaluda, for players with gear level 1415, but who can be attempted to overcome alone. And like Valtan, the Deskaluda Raid provides access to “Relic” level gear.

We also recall that some players suspected Amazon Games of delivering very high-level content quickly in order to get players to visit the store to progress faster. The operator denies this and therefore encourages players who wish to take their time. For example through discovery the destroyerthe new advanced warrior class (the fourth after berserker, paladin and gunslinger).

The update promises various other additions, especially in relation toGuild Activities, sometimes PvP in island sieges (guild battles), sometimes PvE with raid matches aimed at destroying a boss in limited time. The update also adds quality of life improvements as well as seasonal cosmetic outfits. As many elements as the operator indicates on the official site.

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