Land Use Planning | The CAQ is “stuck in the 20th century,” denounces the opposition

(Québec) The opposition parties in the National Assembly are unanimous in denouncing the Coalition avenir Québec, which they say is doing too little to support mayors who want to fight urban sprawl to protect the environment.

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Karl Lecavalier

Karl Lecavalier
The press

“It’s refreshing to see this new wave of elected local officials who want to change things and build cities on a human scale. What worries me is when cities enter the 21st centuryand Century the CAQ is stuck in the XXand century,” denounced the parliamentary leader of Québec Solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

Several Québec mayors believe that the future of cities depends on protecting the natural environment and agricultural land, and on urban densification. But they need tools to make that transition and are eagerly awaiting the presentation of the national policy on architecture and zoning, led by Minister for Communities Andrée Laforest.

Mr. Nadeau-Dubois will assess the content of this policy when it is presented. “But how can communities trust a government that says the third link will stem sprawl and that densification is a fad? To ask the question is to answer it,” he says.

“They can’t count on the Coalition avenir Québec to give them the keys to the transition,” he laments.

On the Liberal Party side, MNA for Verdun and environmental critic Isabelle Melançon makes a connection to the “Bread and Forests” march that took place in Quebec City on Sunday. Mothers and mayors, she says, want a new vision of economic development, one that is “responsible and sustainable.” “If I still hear the environment minister saying that the CAQ tunnel will curb urban sprawl. He’s all alone in his corner to say that,” she says.

A bungalow is not necessary

The MP believes “significant paradigm shifts” are underway and that more and more people are understanding that it’s possible to raise children in the city. “There are no bungalows in Verdun. And yet we are talking about a paradise for families because of the green spaces, the parks and the infrastructures to welcome families. You don’t have to have a giant children’s module in every garden. Maybe we can share that infrastructure,” she says.

On the Parti Québécois side, leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon believes that “the environment, the protection of agricultural land, the greening of cities, access to public transport, the adaptation of cities to an aging population” will increase in the coming years Essential topics become years, “whether the CAQ likes it or not”.

“The CAQ wasted four years playing deaf because their polls tell them everything is fine: business as usual. Since the urban planning urgency to act urban planning is not compatible with this lack of leadership, there could well be some surprises. Without falling into ideologies, we need intelligent planning of these problems quickly. Congratulations to these mayors who have vision and are leading the way,” he said.

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