Intel Arc Alchemist Graphics Cards: Finally Dates and Prices

news hardware Intel Arc Alchemist Graphics Cards: Finally Dates and Prices

After incessant more or less reassuring news, the brand new Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards could finally be made official at Computex 2022 with an upcoming release.

Three desktop graphics cards expected at Computex 2022

It’s looking good this time! After Intel’s myriad delays on its new graphics chips, particularly those for the laptop market, pushed back to a vague “summer of 2022,” we should finally be able to get our hands on Arc Alchemist cards soon, according to our colleagues from back home

While we thought we’d be lucky to see the first Arc card mockups in laptops, including an Acer Swift X or a Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro, it may well be that desktop graphics cards are finally opening the ball and finally marking entry Intel in competition with Nvidia and AMD.

In total, we should be entitled to present three models of graphics cards, namely Arc Alchemist A380, A580 and finally A750. Better yet, these cards could be available to the general public right after the show, ie late May/early June for the A380 and A750, while the A580 is expected in July.

Attractive prices… On paper

In addition to the information on the presentation and release of future cards, we also learn that Intel wants to mark the occasion with particularly aggressive prices. The A380, not to be confused with an airplane, would be marketed for around $150 versus $280 for the A580 and $350 for the most powerful model, the A750, which, as we should recall, should offer performance equivalent to that of an RTX 3060 equals.

GPU model equivalence Suggested price release date
A380 GTX 1650 $150 late May / early June
A580 RTX-3050 $280 July
A750 RTX-3060 $350 late May / early June

If we can only welcome Intel’s desire to offer affordable cards on paper, nothing says that this is respected by the various partners and resellers as the market remains particularly tight. The question of the other models mentioned also remains open, we are thinking in particular of the most powerful cards of the A770 and A780 types.

Another question arises: Isn’t it already too late for this generation when the RTX 4000 and the Radeon RX 7000 are expected for the end of the year and Intel is really expected at the turn. It will not be easy to find a place in the sun against the two giants, but we trust the clout of Intel and its partners to do this with the rules of the art.

Final Answer at Computex 2022 May 24-27 in Taiwan!

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