Death of controversial host André Arthur

Former MP, polemicist and Quebec radio personality André Arthur died on Sunday 8 May after being hospitalized for several days.

“Today, May 8, 2022, I passed away at Laval Hospital. I mourn the loss of my son René (Jade), my 3 wonderful grandchildren, my daughter Pascale (Louis), my tender Lucy and my brother Louis (Réjane),” we read on his Twitter account on Sunday evening.

After several days in the hospital, André Arthur would have died in the early afternoon.

More tweets and a photo were published on his account in the evening.

“I’ve had the privilege of having a career as a bus driver, a sports referee, being elected to the House of Commons as an independent with no party affiliation, having a place in the media that I hope will leave no one indifferent and which I’ve managed to make you laugh.”

André Arthur was known for his problematic and offensive statements, especially homophobic and sexist ones.

In 2018, he was fired from Quebec City radio station BLVD 102.1 for calling Saint-Jean Street “Aids Boulevard” “in the heart of the gay district.”

“King Arthur”, as he was known, also made his voice heard in politics as an independent MP representing the Portneuf-Jacques-Cartier cavalry from 2006 to 2011.

He has hosted various “junk radios” from CHRC on the AM band to CJMF on the FM band and has faced various lawsuits for defamation.

On May 5, days before his death, he complained on Twitter about being called “my dear” by hospital staff.

“In the hospital … at the beginning of the evening I come to my 34th “my dear” of the day. Spoken in the small voice of a daycare worker, it wears down morale,” the polemicist had tweeted.

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