CEGEPs praise the DEC in nursing

In a campaign launched on Monday, CEGEPs are defending their nursing techniques and responding to the “offensive” by the Order of Nurses of Quebec (OIIQ), which advocates the high school diploma as the only entry into the profession.

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Leah Carrier

Leah Carrier
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The Coalition to Maintain the DEC Credential in Nursing, which brings together many key players in the higher education environment, aims to restore the image of tech in nursing.

his campaign I treat with my DEC “Is intended to remind that the training offered in CEGEPs is based on high-level expertise and offers quality services,” says the President and CEO of the Federation of CEGEPs, Bernard Tremblay.

In recent years, CEGEPs have observed a decline in enrollments in nursing programs. The coalition partly blames the OIIQ-led charge, which wants to make high school diplomas compulsory for nurses, as is the case in the rest of Canada. A September report on the profession’s States General made the same recommendation.

The main argument is that further training would make prospective nurses more responsive to the needs of the population. But the technology is just as qualifying as the Abitur, replies Bernard Tremblay. In addition, the position of the OIIQ and its allies is “pernicious and counterproductive”.


Bernard Tremblay, President and CEO of the Federation des cégeps

Faced with labor shortages, Quebec needs to have the largest number of nurses, “most of whom are college-educated.”

The other important entry point into the profession is the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which is preceded by a pre-university DEC. It is also possible to complete a DEC-bac, which is only two years of university study.

The DEC in nursing, offered in 46 of Quebec’s 48 CEGEPs, nevertheless remains the most accessible route to the profession, the coalition supports.

“We have the impression that there is always a discourse that denigrates the value of IBD, but we find that it still has all of its value, all of its relevance,” said Yves de Repentigny, spokesman for the Québec National Association of Teachers .

According to the coalition, Quebec must reaffirm the merits of IBD

In its campaign, the coalition is calling on the Quebec government to clearly affirm the benefits of DEC in nursing and put an end to this ongoing debate once and for all.

Last October, the Ministry of Higher Education announced the “modernization” of college nursing education. The college community, which has been calling for an update to the program for years, welcomed it but didn’t back down.

There is a severe shortage of nurses in Quebec. But what happens when the shortage is reduced? “We are always walking a tightrope. We never have a final decision,” laments Mr de Repentigny.

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