an investigation launched in the United States


  • In the United States, at least 25 states and territories across the country have been affected.
  • Two cases have been detected in France.
  • According to the World Health Organization, a total of about 230 cases of severe childhood hepatitis have been reported worldwide.

Severe hepatitis in children with no apparent explanation. Cases have been reported worldwide for several weeks. In the United States, health authorities have announced they are launching an investigation to understand the causes. Her research focuses on 109 cases reported in the country, five of which resulted in one death.

Almost all the children were hospitalized

American health officials say these cases have been identified in the past seven months. The average age of the affected children is two years. 90% of them had to be hospitalized and most of them recovered, but 14% had to have a liver transplant. As the situation changes from day to day, the American experts want to reassure and remind that cases of severe hepatitis in children are still very rare.

A possible connection with Covid-19?

At a press conference reported by that World, Jay Butler, deputy director of the CDC, responsible for infectious diseases, wanted to dismantle a rumor circulating on the Internet. “Vaccination against Covid-19 is not the cause“Unexplained hepatitis, he said. Especially since most affected children are too young to be vaccinated. But Covid-19 infection is one of the hypotheses put forward by American researchers to explain the onset of hepatitis.”

Trace of an adenovirus

However, another virus could be the explanation for this inflammation. As early as late April, the CDC indicated the presence of adenovirus infection in some of the children affected by the mysterious hepatitis. These viruses are generally associated with respiratory diseases but can sometimes cause intestinal or eye diseases. In the sample of 109 children currently being studied by American scientists, more than half had an adenovirus infection. However, these diseases are not among the pathologies to be reported by physicians, making it difficult to analyze their impact on hepatitis. In which New York Times, sends Dr. Butler sends a message to health professionals: he recommends that children be tested for the adenovirus if they have suspicious symptoms. In France, the Ministry of Health has also taken action to detect and assess cases. A roadmap has been sent to healthcare professionals to identify unexplained cases of severe acute hepatitis. The presence of an adenovirus is also one of the suspicious situations without a precise diagnosis. If a case meets the various established criteria, it must be reported to Public Health France.

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