12 things we heard last evening The evening is (still) young and one that we haven’t heard

On Sunday night, in front of a cheering crowd and with signs at the M Telus in Montreal, Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Jean-Sébastien Girard and Olivier Niquet presented one last time before leaving The evening is (still) young.

For the past ten years, the trio have landed on Radio-Canada’s airwaves every Saturday and Sunday night to chat with their famous friends, poke fun at each other and entertain thousands of listeners from across the greater Montreal area.

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At their last show, the boys had the opportunity to say goodbye to their audience, to which too many have remained loyal throughout the season.

Here are 12 funny and touching things we heard in the finale of The evening is (still) young and also:

1) We’ve learned that Robert Lepage bought a funeral wreath to mark the show’s death. It smelled of the undertaker, that is, of the iris, or the tulip, or the lily, say the true botanists who are the boys of The evening.

Very somber, Mr Lepage.

2) Olivier Niquet referred to the bag of chips. It’s always fun to hear his name on the radio, even when it’s spoken by someone who sometimes pretends not to understand the second level of our long and impressive work.

3) JS Girard’s latest opening column was the perfect mix of wit and emotion. And of course disrespectful.

4) The show’s three golden women, Élise Guilbault, Anne-Marie Cadieux and Nathalie Petrowski, came to pay tribute to the boys in their own way.

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5) At Olivier Niquet’s request, we were treated to two tones of Les Vulgaires Machins to raise the energy level in the room and clearly indicate which generation the hosts belong to The evening.

6) Louis-José Houde stopped by to remind us, among other things, that he doesn’t like it when we joke about his breakup.

7) Rosalie Vaillancourt came back from her maternity leave to speak on behalf of all the columnists. She made an excellent joke about Jean-Sébastien Girard’s lower face.

8th) While Louis-Jean Cormier accompanied him on the guitar, David Goudreault made a slam. It was good. Louis-Jean Cormier, he made a song and it moved Hugo Dumas, a fan of the show who was never invited.

9) Elliot Maginot canned mixture of Jean-Sébastien’s greatest hits. A strong emotional moment.

10) We were also entitled to one last column, Allo Bobo. It was about death. JS was so moved that he had trouble finishing it.

11) In short, the members of the terrible kids trio all slammed into the mic on their last lap. In the cottages, many were moved with them.

12) Unfortunately, Wauthier’s final thanks were cut off.

critic of The evening might think it’s because Jean-Philippe likes to hear himself talk and that he’s talked way too much once again, but it would be boring to finish our list of beautiful moments from The evening is still (young) like that.

One thing we haven’t heard yet:

1) Fred Savard


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