Samsung Odyssey G5: French Days 2022 broke the price of the ultimate gamer’s screen

news good deal Samsung Odyssey G5: French Days 2022 broke the price of the ultimate gamer’s screen

The price cuts for this gamer’s screen aren’t legion, and for good reason: the Samsung Odyssey G5 is a flagship product from the company that PC gamers are snapping up. It goes from €299 to €269 for the French Days 2022 at Fnac. It’s a perfect time to get the master at a low price.

Samsung Odyssey G5: an ideal gaming screen for current and future games

This 27-inch curved monitor aligns all the stars to provide the best possible gaming experience. with 144Hz refresh rate and WQHD resolution 1.7 times denser than Full HD.

Buy the Samsung Odyssey G5 for €269 at Fnac

This high definition WQHD allows the Samsung Odyssey G5 to display an ultra-sharp image, ideal for eye comfort and image clarity.

Especially for games 144 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time are there to offer unfailing fluidity and responsiveness. This monitor is ready for the best graphics cards and has the theoretical ability to display 144 frames per second.

A versatile gamer screen during French Days 2022

Of course, what’s good for PC gamers is also good for console gamers. It is not content with a DisplayPort, but also offers an HDMI connection, and you can easily play your next gen console on this gamer screen. In this respect, the WQHD mode is a real plus point that can be used for better image finesse.

There are several modes to optimize the display of the screen according to your use, with a Eye comfort mode and blue light reduction for work, a game mode and a cinema mode. With of course the comfort of a curved viewing angle to adapt to the human field of vision, to reduce eye fatigue.

Its futuristic design leaves no one indifferent. It’s ideal if you’ve already built a gamer setup with modern peripherals and an RGB water cooling box, but it’s not cumbersome to use. with ultra-thin edges allowing you better immersion.

It is therefore a magical prize that Fnac is offering us during these French Days 2022 on a 27-inch curved screen from the new Samsung Odyssey range that is being talked about a lot on all networks.

Buy the Samsung Odyssey G5 for €269 at Fnac

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