Nintendo Switch: The best relaxing games under 5 euros

If you have need to relax, carefully store items, or even find things hidden in an environment, here is a selection of small independent games for less than 5 euros on the Nintendo Switch. This saves you having to choose between two next big games on the hybrid console and instead spends your money without too many regrets.

Of course we will not describe in detail the more than 100 cheaper items that are available in the Nintendo eShop, we offer you in this article, a small selection of 5 relaxing games that deserve to occupy your micro SD cards without paying too many pennies. (Note that Nintendo also very often offers free demos so you can test games before you buy.)

Sometimes you don’t have to spend thousands to get great games.


Even though Genshin Impact is still not part of this list, here are all the free games that the Nintendo Switch currently offers through its eShop. What a way to have a good time without spending a single dime.


  • Price : €3.29
  • goal of the game : Relax on the beach, collect shells and learn more about marine biology
  • lifespan : between 2 and 4 hours to do everything
  • summary : Every bowl is different. Pick up the ones that catch your eye and examine them. Rare shells only appear under certain conditions. Can you solve this riddle? Try to collect the largest and smallest models of each variety. Enjoy the soothing music and the sound of the waves.

Master Pack

  • Price : €4.99
  • goal of the game : Put as many items as possible in the suitcases, as it should be (very satisfying).
  • lifespan : Hundred levels and 14 exotic destinations
  • summary : What could be nicer than enjoying a beautiful, perfectly stowed suitcase? Rediscover that soothing feeling with each new journey in Pack Master. Your only challenge is to fill your suitcase with the countless items on offer. A simple and increasingly addictive game.

Hidden paws

  • Price : €3.99
  • goal of the game : Find the kittens hidden in the landscape
  • lifespan : More than 12 enchanting winter landscapes and no less than 120 little cats to find.
  • summary : Open boxes and cars, turn over bundles of wood, explore the forests. The cats are well hidden but will meow when you approach them: listen carefully and you should be able to find them all.

Note that a variety of other small hidden object games are available in the eShop for less than 5 euros: Summer Paw, Hidden Folks or Hidden Through.

park inc

  • Price : €1.66
  • goal of the game : A game in which you simply have to put the cars in the parking lots to create order
  • lifespan : Over 150 unique levels in increasingly challenging endless gameplay!
  • summary : Unlock your cars from crowded parking lots! Guide your cars out of the parking lot avoiding hitting other cars and moving obstacles.

in bento

  • Price : 2.49€
  • goal of the game : A puzzle game in which you have to organize the bento boxes correctly
  • lifespan : More than 100 fun puzzles served aesthetically and accompanied by sticky rice. Immerse yourself in the subdued world of a lovely family of cats with a soothing background soundtrack.
  • summary : Have a calming, non-verbal experience about cats and parenting by creating enchanting puzzles in Inbento. Relax, challenge yourself as you prepare delicious takeaway meals. Craft an elaborate meal box by following the on-screen recipe step-by-step.


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