Female bodies on the moon, hacking and JV addiction

This week’s content: why NASA sends these strange female bodies to the moon, in the hacking department new networks, about the IPTV scene and the harmful effects of piracy on the cinema industry and finally the list of the most addictive games (in the medical sense).

Nasa is sending these weird female bodies to the moon for a reason

So far, only a few male humans have set foot on the foot of the moon. In addition to returning a few kilograms of lunar rock, this also made it possible to collect a lot of data on the effect of radiation on the lunar surface on the body. Unfortunately, only men were part of the Apollo missions. This will no longer be the case in the next encounters with the moon. Therefore, with the imminent arrival of the Artemis mission, NASA is trying to better understand the differentiated effects of radiation on women’s bodies…

New hit in the IPTV scene


The BREIN association announces the downfall of the all-in-one premium TV site that sold pre-packaged IPTV subscriptions and boxes. An operation that went smoothly, even if many customers of the pirate service left for a black screen. In Great Britain, the country where the servers of the service were located, customers of these sites, which were initially not at high risk, have been liable to prosecution since January 2022.

40% of this Marvel movie’s earnings went up in smoke due to piracy

A Cinepolis study claims that 40% of people have seen them Black widow it viewed about piracy. However, the film had gotten off to a very good start in theaters, but admissions fell off very quickly just a week after its US release. In the end, the production grossed just $379 million worldwide, a rather small number compared to other comparable films.

According to doctors, these games are a little too addictive

video games

Some video games can be completely addictive for some predisposed people. A fact recognized even in the corridors of the WHO, which since 2019 has recognized that “video game disorder” is a disease. Doctors at a private clinic in Cheshire who specialize in treating this type of addiction have just published the top 20 games most often cited by their patients.

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