€23 for 128GB of storage on Nintendo Switch, possible during French Days 2022

news good deal €23 for 128GB of storage on Nintendo Switch, possible during French Days 2022

This is the promotion that all Nintendo Switch owners have been waiting for when they need to increase console storage space and it has arrived. During French Days, the official Nintendo Micro SD is only €23 on Amazon. A mini price for a mini size product but with maximum storage space.

Sodles at Amazon: the 128 GB Micro-SD for Nintendo Switch for less than 30 euros

In general, Nintendo games are quite modest in terms of storage space required compared to PlayStation or Xbox consoles. A 128 GB card is sufficient to enjoy his games on his Nintendo console.

The Japanese company now has many titles from its own house, but also from independent studios. Small nuggets to discover and save on your console and play whenever you want.

Buy the official Nintendo Switch Micro SD card for €23 from Amazon

Despite its small size, the MicroSD card brings with it a significant number of GB of storage space.Sandisk and Nintendo have worked together to offer the gamer and gamers a true storage expansion solution for Switch and smartphone. You no longer have to choose from the list of available games or run out of space to accommodate an important update at the time of an important update.

Features of the SanDisk 128GB Micro SD Special Nintendo Switch

SanDisk is a reference in the field of memory and by collaborating with Nintendo, the two brands hope to solve the memory problem of the Switch. Especially since adding a memory card (smaller) saves you having to open your console in half and swap hard drives.

This micro SD card has a storage capacity of 128 GB and bears the colors of the Japanese company Nintendo. With a writing speed of 90 MB/s and a reading speed of 100 MB/s, you can use it without fear to save your movies, your series or even, on Nintendo Switch, your video games, your screenshots and your videos. A real advantage to gain even more autonomy.

SanDisk, in cooperation with Nintendo, offers several versions of memory cards of different sizes (from 64 to 512GB), each model in the colors of an emblematic game of the Japanese brand: Mario with the mushroom and the star, Animal Crossing with the leaf.

Originally posted at 42€the 128GB microSDXC card for Switch is now at 23€. An unbeatable price for this product and its capacity.

Buy the official Nintendo Switch Micro SD card for €23 from Amazon

French Days: Don’t miss any of the event’s offerings

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