Dates and prices for Arc Alchemist A750, A580 and A380 desktop graphics cards

Everything would be announced at Computex; the first and the last to be marketed in step.

According to WCCFTech information from Taiwanese sources, Intel will showcase three Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards at Computex. The references in question would be the Arc Alchemist A750, A580 and A380. Note that Computex 2022 will take place from May 24th to 27th.

Intel would be quick to market the Arc A750 and A380 graphics cards; the A580 would be available later in July. For its part, the top-end Arc desktop offering, the A780, would land in Q3, rumored to be September.

Dell lists an Intel Arc Pro A40M graphics card

MSRP between $150 and $350

The WCCFTech site not only ventures into the calendar field, but also into that of awards. The article has a recommended retail price (RRP – Suggested retail price) $150 for the Arc Alchemist A380, $280 for the Arc Alchemist A580, and $350 for the Arc Alchemist A750. For comparison, keep in mind that the GeForce RTX 3060 and Radeon RX 6600 have MSRPs of $329; Very theoretical rates for several months, we’ll grant you.

In any case, Intel seems to want to pursue a fairly aggressive pricing policy for its Arc GPUs. Whether that will be enough to convince customers remains to be seen.

Assuming GeForce and Radeon prices continue to fall and eventually stabilize at recommended levels, buyers may prefer cards from the two historical market participants. Aside from purely material considerations, it’s Intel’s ability to ensure software monitoring as robust as guaranteed by AMD and NVIDIA that raises questions: The company recently exceeded its self-imposed deadline to release an update for an Arc GPU Driver not complied with .

Also, Intel is releasing its next-gen Arc Alchemist GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD (RTX 4000 and RX 7000) over the months.

In short, for now, Intel’s return/entry into the dedicated graphics card market can’t really be described as triumphant; it is quite difficult.

graphic card Comparable NVIDIA card RRP Intel board date of marketing
A750 RTX-3060 $350 late May / early June
A580 RTX-3050 $280 July
A380 GTX 1650 $150 late May / early June

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